Hi! My name is Chelsea and I am so happy you have found your way to my Ginger Side of Life! I am looking forward to sharing some of my favorite outfits (as well as the questionable ones) with you and continuing to evolve and grow as a writer and blogger!

Why did you start a blog? 

Originally, I started Ginger Side of Life as my 2013 New Year’s Resolution. My resolution was to either volunteer or get a hobby/learn something new. So, I started with the charitable option: volunteer. Since I thought I was extremely qualified to work in a museum (I volunteered at the Berkeley Art Museum all four years of college), I decided to start there. To my surprise, I heard back from a prestigious museum pretty quickly. Speaking with the recruiter did nothing but boost my ego. She just kept saying, “Chelsea, we have the perfect role for you. Come on down for an interview and we can chat about it.” WHAT?!?! Literally, the most exciting professional thing I had ever heard besides getting my full time job offer.

Basically, at this point, I am telling everyone I know. Then I go for the interview. Again, the recruiter is talking the position up. The anticipation is building for this magical volunteer role. She then tells me. “Chelsea, we think you would be perfect for our open volunteer position of….coat check.” Wait, what? I would work a coat check job, do not get me wrong, but I would want to be paid for it. From that moment on, I never mentioned that experience again, until well, now. So, after my one sorry attempt at doing good for the world, I decided to get a hobby and learn something new. Thus, Ginger Side of Life.

Why Ginger Side of Life?

Being a “red head” has always been something I have identified with and made me, me…until…the re-release of the Parent Trap circa Lindsay Lohan, 1998. After that, I was pretty much LiLo’s doppelganger and never went to Disneyland without my trusty, “signature providing pen.” Yes, I ate it up.

Is blogging your full time job?

Nope. I am a merchandise planner with Gap Inc. by day and a hobby blogger by night.

Where did you go to school?

I went to UC Berkeley, and graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Haas Business School and minored in Art History.

Who takes your photos?

I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by a few very talented photographers: Ryan Balderas; Shannon HamiltonDanielle Balderas; Dad

What camera do you use?

A Canon 6D, with a 90mm lens.


I keep seeing all these travel pictures, how/why are you traveling for so long?

Ryan and I have always wanted to take a sabbatical of sorts. Whether it was a year, one month or six months, we had always dreamt of leaving it all to see the world. Then after getting into a serious accident in April 2014, we knew we just had to go.

In terms of timing, the opportunity presented itself last December when Ryan was admitted to Stanford Business School. We felt that since we needed to move, why not move a little early, and go travel before we enter into a phase of life that might not allow us to do so. So we packed up and headed out last April. We return to the US in August. To follow along with our adventures, check instagram for up to date photos!

Now you know a little about me, I would love to keep in touch, so do not be shy!