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Happy Valentine’s Day virtual friends! Growing up my mom always made Valentine’s Day a family affair with beautiful gift baskets left on the dinning room table with adorable cards, chocolates and candies overflowing the wicker basket. However, once I left for college and then as an “adult in San Francisco” I missed the traditions of home and wanted to create something of my own. So, I thought I would share with you my Valentine’s Day tradition est. 2012.

So its Valentine’s Day 2012. Our first Valentine’s Day living in San Francisco and its a Tuesday. Ryan is working on a giant project for work with a Friday deadline. He has been working nonstop on this and was so proud of the progress he was making at work. With that in mind, I just could not bear to ask my brilliant boyfriend to shirk his deadline and hang out with me…we are adults, we could celebrate once the deadline was met on Friday.

Once I had made the decision to go Valentine’s Day solo, I made the next big decision – I would go to the movies and see the cheesiest movie out. Lucky for me (kudos to you production companies with your perfectly timed movie releases) there was a new Nicholas Sparks movie out, The Lucky One. That sealed the deal. I was going to go to the movies on Valentine’s Day, buy a huge thing of overly buttered pop corn and sour skittles and enjoy a movie sans boyfriend, friend, parent, sibling and from there a tradition was born.

For the last four years I have seen horrible/cheesy/predictable Nicholas Sparks movies alone. It is empowering to go to the movies alone and the best fringe benefit – I do not have to explain my taste in movies to anyone. Nope, nada, no one. Because we all know the recent Nicholas Sparks movies have not been on par to the romantic sob stories of “A Walk to Remember,” or “The Notebook.” I would say 2015’s Nicholas Sparks movie was pretty much the worst I have ever seen. Anyone seen “Best of Me?” Well, I would guess no. It was so bad. Not just, “oh that movie was terrible,” no. It was nothing like the book, which I was finishing reading in the minutes leading up to the movie starting. As I turned the last page and looked up (seriously he has great timing), I saw Ryan walking up the theater steps toward me.

He knew about my little tradition and rushed to meet me at the AMC on Van Ness. It was sweet of him to join, and he was very considerate not to laugh at how horrible the movie was, but as we sat in the back row, in a theater of six other people people, I felt pretty lucky to have my tradition horned in on, and that at least one piece of my tradition held – seeing a cheesy movie on Valentine’s Day.

This year’s movie agenda – The Choice.



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