Our Engagement


Welp, where did January go? Well, while I adjust to the fact its February let’s go back to December 27th when Ryan and I celebrated our engagement with our friends and family in San Diego at Ryan’s childhood home. Our day was filled with love and support from our friends and family and it is a day I will cherish and remember forever.

Our first step towards planning the engagement party began with choosing an engagement invite. Since my good friend Tatiana is a talented graphic designer, she and I decided to go the route of DIY invites. I sent her a few inspiration pieces and our end product turned out beautifully. We ordered the invites from overnightprints.com. We tied and added the bows ourselves and printed the envelops at home.


If you were wondering our theme, well it bent towards being a little bit Irish.

Okay, a lot Irish.

Why you ask? Well, Ryan and I have chosen to have a destination wedding in Ireland in 2017! So naturally, we wanted to bring a piece of Ireland to the party, “spud bar” included. The night of the party feels like a blur to me now, but a few key pieces came beautifully into place. My cousin Rachael completed a stunning up-do for me for the party. Ryan’s aunts decorated the house in true holiday fashion and both our families were there and ready to celebrate.







Thank you for sharing in this journey with me and looking forward to sharing more as wedding details come together.


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