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Hello from beautiful Boise, Idaho!

I had the pleasure of visiting Boise last weekend to celebrate a childhood friend’s marriage to the love of her life. It was a beautiful ceremony held at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, with a dancing filled reception held at the Grove Hotel after the ceremony. We danced until all hours of the night (and my feet are still a little sore today). I had such a wonderful time celebrating Nicole and Matt’s marriage and it is a wedding I will never forget.

One adorable touch from the wedding reception was Matt and Nicole playing the newly wed game. They were asked questions like, “who is the better driver? Who is messier? Who hogs the covers?” Sweet questions that gave guests a laugh and a glimpse into how sweet and loving Nicole and Matt’s relationship is.



We did squeeze in a little tourist time on Sunday morning. My mom, dad and I got up early and walked around Boise, admiring all the shops and enjoying how beautifully decorated every corner was for the holidays.



Since we were seeing family and friends on this trip that I had not seen in a while, I wanted to wear my “blogger best,” and packed this pinstriped coat that I was generously gifted from Revolve Clothing to help promote their SU2C (Stand Up 2 Cancer) line. I felt honored to be asked, and privileged to get the opportunity to share the message of Standing Up 2 Cancer! For ever item purchased with the SU2C tagline, Revolve will donate 30% of the proceeds to aid in the acceleration of research to find a cure for cancer. I mean, who cannot get behind fashion with a purpose! You can also find more about the SU2C line on Instagram under the hashtag #REVOLVExSU2C.


LocationLOCATION: Boise, Idaho

  1. Welcome back beautiful Chelsea. Looking gorgeous as always. I love this look, a little edgy and a little elegant. The fur scarf, blazer and booties are great.


    <3 Ada.

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