A Texas Thanksgiving


Nothing makes me happier than finding reasons to bring my family together. Hence, the second annual Borgerding Thanksgiving. Now, just take a minute to feast on this table setting while I finish doing a few more lunges to work off all the pie, cake and cookies I ate while with my family in Texas.

Now back to the gluttonous affair pictured in this post aka Thanksgiving.

I love sharing a deliciously cooked meal (even if I have to sit at the kids table) with my family, especially when it has been meticulously prepared by the one and only Mimi. For those of you who may not know, Mimi is my grandmother and one of my best friends. She has a vibrancy for life unmatched by many and I strive to be like her everyday. Not to mention I try to look like her too with my recent adoption of several articles of her clothing. Here is one of my favorite pieces.


Each piece in this table setting has been part of Mimi’s beautiful collection for years. I just love thinking about all the beautiful parties she threw over the years using these “Slytherin Goblets.”




Thanksgiving is always a special holiday, but getting my dad’s family together for the last two years has made this holiday all the more special. I love seeing how all my cousins and I have grown up, matured and built very different lives. From the days when we would make up elaborate routines jumping off the diving board to lives and jobs spread out across the country, nothing brings us back together faster than Mimi’s cooking.


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