Old Navy One Piece Bathing Suit

Old Navy One Piece Bathing Suit

Bathing suit: Old Navy (sold out – Modcloth has cute ones here!); Hat: Vietnamese Night Market (similar here); Sunglasses: Prada

I remember when I first started blogging I asked my friend what she thought of my Instagram and blog presence. Her response, “You talk about the weather – a lot.” I remember being slightly offended, like, “yes, I asked your opinion, but obviously, I only wanted a response that was a glowing review.”

However, after letting the feedback sink in – and growing up a little – I realized she was completely right. It seems ubiquitous within the blogging community that so much of our outfit chatter revolves around the seasons, the changing of seasons and the weather all too often. But for just reasons, right? We are supposed to be providing visual inspiration and what is more inspiring than our surroundings?

So why has this feedback stuck with me?  

Old Navy One Piece Bathing Suit

Because I love talking about the weather, especially when it means I am sitting on a beach, sweating in the shade, hiding under my large brimmed $4 hat.

Regardless of how much us bloggers gush about, “falling in love with fall,” or any other fun weather saying, I love it. I love the inspiration that a new season brings, ranging from food, to accessories, to hair color choices. I mean, lets be real here, we do dress for the weather, otherwise, we are freezing our tushes off waiting for Muni to arrive to take us home to our mediocrely heated SF apartments. But since we are already on the topic of weather, lets hold our horses on fall for just a few more GSOL posts and live in a perpetual summer – or at least until I am ready for reality.

Now on to one tried and true reality and that is this Old Navy one piece bathing suit. Ryan encouraged me to purchase this suit before we left and I am so glad he did. I felt so glamorous wearing it and when I found this Vietnamese striped hat, I knew, I had a perfect pair. I have been buying Old Navy bathing suits for years. Their price points are so affordable and their assortment of adorable prints, patterns and cuts are so on trend (if I posted this 3 months ago haha). Also, from the perspective of a fair skinned red head, one pieces = less sunscreen surface area. #winning


LocationLOCATION: Hvar

  1. Oh yesss! Go, girl!! Absolutely with you on weather in general. And yep, I’m dressing for the weather as well. I used to think a change of my hair color or fall inspiration stands for something new but actually it’s just the weather indeed. 😀 I’m glad Ryan encouraged you to get this vintage inspired bathing suit, Chelsea – it’s so classy and so you!

    xoxo Ira

  2. I love it. And I love both Old Navy and Modcloth.
    Honestly, I talk about the weather a lot too. I’m so fascinated by the nuances in our lives- changing from season to season.
    I dig it!
    I love the way you worded it.

  3. You are a talented writer and a good real life mannequin. Your choices are spot on. They are romantic, fun, interesting and best of all real. Keep on sister.

  4. I love when the weather changes, autumn and spring are actually my favourite seasons. Autumn because the weather gets colder and its perfect for wearing jumpers without jackets and because of all the colour changes. And I love spring because again it is warming up but not too hot, and the little lambs, calfs and foals are being born!

  5. The water just looks so beautiful. I do love autumn and won’t lie about that, because summer was all too hot for me, but I love the incredible elements of nature — here it’s just so pretty. There’s nothing wrong with talking about the weather, haha. It’s natural. <3 /Madison
    Workout & Inspire

  6. Uhmm…I am guilty of thinking and wondering why many Western bloggers talk about the weather a lot too because I have no experience with season changing back in Malaysia. LOL! But now that I am living in Canada, I fully understand why. There’s an unspoken beauty in the weather whenever the season changes and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    I don’t own any one piece swimsuit even though I have been tempted to buy one recently. And you are right about the hat and swimsuit matches each other, it’s the perfect glamorous combo!


  7. Is it bad that I thought about bloggers and the weather mention too (and am guilty of it here and there) haha! Lovely look though and I am glad you scored such lovely pieces.
    Thank you for linking up to “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me”
    Rachel xo
    Garay Treasures

  8. Sometimes I wish I lived somewhere that was 75 and sunny all the time, but I think the reality is that I like experiencing the seasons too. And I’m definitely guilty of talking or complaining about the weather a lot too–it can be all over the place here in the Midwest! Love the swimsuit; I love ON’s suits too and have a one-piece from there I love too.

  9. how funny! It’s amazing how sometimes when we ask for feedback, the answer is completely different and unexpected. It’s good overall but it sure can be surprising. And yes, style bloggers end up talking about weather. Now that you bring it up, I do that! And I talk about time a lot. A. LOT. haha
    Love the one-piece on you. You wear it so well!

    P.S. totally following on IG now! Great feed!!

  10. Oh wow, I had the exact same thing said to me a few months ago with regard to my blog! The weather is such a fascinating topic when discussed properly – why not pay it some attention?! Speaking of which… the weather in this post looks delightful haha 😉 I love your bathing suit, you look lovely!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  11. Hi Chelsea!

    I’ve been away for a bit, but I’m back now and love that you are still soaking up the sun! :) You hit the nail on the head. Seasons do inspire us with new outfits and foods and places to see. But I still don’t want to let go of summer yet. There’s just something about soaking up the glorious light and all that sunshine. :)


  12. I think talking about the weather and your fashion choices is very important! As I always choose my outfit based on what the weather is like and getting the right pieces for the season. It is always changing and we must keep up! :) The weather in your pictures I am very jealous of! Looks so beautiful and warm and your swimwear is adorable and perfect with the hat!


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