Travel Style Tips

Travel Style Tips

Sweater: Old Navy; Shorts: Madewell; Top: H&M; Shoes: Vibram; Sunglasses: Sunglasses Shop; Belt: Borrowed from Ryan

So time for some real talk.

You remember this post and this post? Yeah, well, I wish I looked like that everyday on this trip. In reality, I lived in my hiking books, with my hair pulled back into a ginormous bun (seriously I need a haircut pronto!), sans lipstick and makeup.


But before you think this blog is a fashion fraud, let me assure you that I love the whimsy of fashion blogging and I am sharing this “Sporty Spice look” for a reason. Although this outfit is unlike my preferred feminine ensembles, it does represent a large piece of my travel fashion. Distressed denim, cotton tee and white(ish) long-sleeve sweater. The first two to keep cool, and third to protect my skin.

Travel Style Tips

Travel Style Tips

So what does travel fashion mean to me? My travel style tips are two fold.

  1. Transitional pieces
    1. Can your shoes go from city wandering to bar hopping?
    2. Can your maxi dress keep you cool during the day, but keep you warm during the post sunset chill?
  2. Functionality 
    1. Pack pieces that you feel good in while still protecting your feet, skin,and eyes from exposure.
    2. Pack less rather than more – girlfriend, the backpack gets heavy!
    3. Solids over prints!

Although its fun to take a break from the travel fashion and throw on something feminine and new, when you are on the road for five months, sometimes, dare I say it, practicality wins…


We are currently settling into our apartment in Palo Alto, follow along with us on Instagram for more travel photos!

LocationLOCATION: Chengdu

  1. These are such great, practical tips. I like what you said about pieces being able to transition from one activity to another–when we’re home its so easy to just go home and change, but not so when you’re living out of a suitcase! Love this.

  2. Your sporty spice reference has me laughing so hard. Gotta love it. Taking pictures on the days you look fantastic and posting pictures of the days where you’re trekking it is what makes you NOT a fashion fraud. I love your pictures and your outfits always.

  3. Lovely post! Thanks for the tips :) Also, thanks for your comment my blog about liking my pop hair. You will be happy to know that .. it’s back! I officially returned to it last night. I cannot believe you are back stateside! It feels like it’s been forever since you’ve been back. And Palo Alto.. near and dear to me. A beautiful place. Hope you are loving it!


  4. I can imagine when travelling for long periods of times, versatile clothing is essential in order to make room.. and not be weighed down by one million and one bags when moving from country to country! haha :) Have a lovely weekend Chelsea.

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  5. I’m so glad to be on your site, Chelsea. It was nice meeting (and sitting next to) you at the Re:Make Conference! This post is so pretty and I look forward to following along on your San Francisco adventures and hopefully more travel as well. See you soon I hope! Xo, Tiffany

  6. Well I missed this post but I do like those explorer-like sneakers. Transitional pieces like that work great from traveling and lots of walking. Love the denim shorts from Old Navy, too. Almost every pair of shorts I own are from ON. =)

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