What to Wear to the Great Wall of China

what to wear to the great wall of china

Top: H&M; Joggers: Thailand (similar here); Shoes: Duo (c/o); Jacket: Old Navy; Sunglasses: Sunglasses shop; Purse: Sapa; Earrings: Banana Republic

Simply put, the massive scale of the Great Wall of China is awe inspiring. So naturally, I woke up as if it was Christmas morning the day that we visited the Great Wall. I was antsy to see the Wall. I wanted to walk on it and experience a part of history. I was not disappointed.

We chose to visit the Wall at the Mutianyu section of the wall open to tourists. This section is a little further out of Beijing, but promised fewer tourists. Normally, I would not mind the throng of tourists, but in China, saying a tourist site is packed is an understatement. Think Disneyland on it’s most packed day and multiply that by two. With this limited knowledge, I was completely up for the longer journey in favor of breathing room.

what to wear to the great wall of china

what to wear to the great wall of china

what to wear to the great wall of china

When we arrived at the Great Wall, we exited our taxi to a downpour of rain. Postponing the inevitable of getting soaked, we decided to grab dumplings (aka my new favorite food), and hopefully wait out the rain. Luckily the gamble paid off, but only after we had purchased this rainbow umbrella. I am not complaining.

Now on to the meat of this post – what to wear to the Great Wall of China during the summer. These are my suggestions:
1. Lightweight, breathable fabric – it gets hot in China in July.
2. Long sleeves – cover your shoulders, the grey skies are deceiving.
3. Sunscreen – goes with point 2.
4. Shoes – this is debatable. I wore my Duo flats, which are basically the most comfortable flats I have ever owned. However, we were not planning to do extensive hiking, so my flats were fine. But if you choose to do extensive hiking, I would recommend closed-toe tennis shoes.
5. Loose trousers rather than denim – remember lightweight and comfortable is key!

what to wear to the great wall of china

what to wear to the great wall of china

Although the day started with rain, everything turned out perfectly. The rain might have scared a few people away, giving us long stretches of time with the Great Wall of China all to ourselves. How cool is that?!?! Also, for once in my life, I felt properly dressed, albeit once the rain stopped! I had cute shoes on that were comfortable, and I could actually walk in them. Although, whenever I felt impressed with my ability to wear cute flats rather than my hiking boots, a Chinese tourist would saunter by in her kitten heels, making me look like a total wuss!


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    • Thank you Shireen! The Great Wall was definitely one of my highlights, so hopefully, next time, you will be able to visit too! Definitely pack an umbrella just in case too!

  1. I didn’t know tourist sites got so crowded in China, but wow you have the wall all to yourselves in these photos. That umbrella is so bright and cheery and I love your windowpane trowser pants! I would love to see this wall someday!


    • Thank you Carrie. Yes, the tourist sites in China get CRAZY crowded. It is insane. So anytime you can escape the crowds at tourist sights, I always chose that option.

  2. How awesome, especially to have it all to yourselves for a bit!! I love the look and your umbrella makes the perfect accessory! Another amazing place to visit!

    • Thank you Alice and yes, I will stop by this week! It has been a crazy last few weeks, but now life seems to be getting back on track, so thank you for the reminder :)

    • Thank you! It was such a special experience and definitely checked off a huge piece of my life’s travel bucket list.

    • Thank you for buying them for me :) I will always remember walking the night market with you searching for the perfect joggers!

  3. That’s the happiest umbrella I’ve ever seen!
    And I don’t like crowds either, but you made it seem like no one else was there in the photos. Which is SO cool.

    • Thank you Tamara. Yes, I agree, crowds are kind of the worst, so trekking a little further out to visit a portion of the wall not inhabited by a ton of people was worth the extra Yuan and time.

    • Yeah! I also love looking at blogs for travel inspiration so it makes me so happy to hear that I am also able to inspire that wanderlust too!

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