Dorsett Grand Chengdu

Dorsett Grand Chengdu

Pictured: Dorsett Grand Chengdu

My, oh, my! For a girl who loves glitz, glam and gold (what a missed opportunity for a blog name, right?), I have found my Mecca in Chengdu, China. From the moment we walked through the doors of the Dorsett Grand Chengdu, we knew we were in for a treat.

After having already spent some time in China, we quickly learned that our lack of Chinese language skills was a hinderance to self guided travel. Simple travel processes such as checking into a hotel could take up to two hours and heavily involve google translate. However, at the Dorsett Grand Chengdu, the front desk staff is bilingual making the check in process a breeze. We had help with our baggage, and off we zipped up 33 floors to our corner suite. Yes. Corner suite!

Dorsett Grand Chengdu

Dorsett Grand Chengdu    Dorsett Grand Chengdu

Dorsett Grand Chengdu

Photographing the Dorsett was one of our highlights.

We loved exploring the premises of the hotel, and discovering hidden gems like a hallway of chess rooms and the numerous stunning chandeliers. We kept finding ourselves in hidden corners of the hotel, marveling at the city views or the detail that went into each room’s decoration.

But back to the views.

The views from our room were spectacular – day or night! Beautiful cityscape views always catch my breathe but it was the night views from our room that had me captivated. I had no idea how colorful the night skyline would be in Chengdu. The best I can describe it as is the Chinese version of Vegas – just as hot, same portion sizes of food, same amount of traffic. But in terms of sheer size of Chengdu in comparison to Vegas – BIGGER. Way bigger. Also what made the Dorsett a great spot for us was the fact that the subway was just a few blocks away, with the addition of another line coming soon. I mention the subway line, because as a non Chinese speaker, taking taxis and even Ubers, was challenging to explain where we needed to go. However, the subway lines have the names of the stops written in English characters, making it infinitely easier to explore without a Chinese speaking guide.

Dorsett Grand Chengdu

Dorsett Grand Chengdu

Dorsett Grand Chengdu    Dorsett Grand Chengdu

Dorsett Grand Chengdu

Dorsett Grand Chengdu

Our room at the Dorsett, beyond being a beautiful room, also played an important part in me getting a job back home! The wifi strength and access throughout China is iffy at best, so it was a huge relief to be in a hotel with easily accessible wifi, that was strong enough for me to participate in three interviews!


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*Thank you to the Dorsett Grand Chengdu for hosting us during our stay in Chengdu, China.

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  1. SERIOUSLY! Can I be you?! I’ve been dying to go to China for awhile now. =( I want to study abroad but I have an internal battle to justify whether it would be more effective to just visit for awhile.I hope you have a killer time!

    Je M’appelle Chanel

    • Thank you Chanel. China is absolutely amazing and you definitely go when you get the chance but you should DEFINITELY study abroad! It was the best decision I ever made, so GO GO GO :)

    • Thank you Rachel! It was absolutely one of the most luxurious experiences I have ever had and I cannot wait to go back!

    • Right! I am so impressed with people who are truly bilingual. I can speak a little bit of German and a little bit of Spanish but no where near bilingual in either language. I realize how lucky English speakers are to have so many bilingual people around the globe.

  2. That hotel is just too good! Scarlet and I stayed at a Comfort Inn in Vermont over the weekend and she thought THAT was decadent.
    One day I’ll really blow her mind somewhere like this.

    • Thank you Tamara. It was a truly special opportunity to stay at the Dorsett Grand Chengdu and I am happy I was able to share this experience.

    • Yes! Definitely, the Dorsett was a great place to visit and a perfect spot for non native Chinese speakers, especially with the subway line across the street!

  3. What a gorgeous place. So inspirational also. And that is some fancy, relaxing hotel – love it!

    Enjoy your time in Croatia, Beautiful!

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