Indochina Junk – Bai Tu Long Bay

Indochina Junk - Bai Tu Long Bay

Pictured above: Indochina Junk – Dragon’s Pearl

When people ask me, “what is one of the best thing you did on your trip?” I pause, and then can pretty definitively say, “our cruise to Bai Tu Long Bay” (near the more well known Halong Bay) on the Dragon’s Pearl 2.

Now, I realize I should probably be PC and say, “I loved everything,” but my friends, our Indochina Junk tour was affordable luxury in the most beautiful place in the world – Bai Tu Long Bay. It was so beautiful in fact, that we enjoyed the views more often than we took pictures, which just illustrates how captivating the scenery truly was.

Indochina Junk - Bai Tu Long Bay

Indochina Junk - Bai Tu Long Bay

Indochina Junk - Bai Tu Long Bay    Indochina Junk - Bai Tu Long Bay

We chose to explore Bai Tu Long Bay with Indochina Junk off of a family friend’s recommendation. Our family friend shared that Indochina Junk takes you to a beautiful and remote bay near Halong Bay. He also shared his brother’s experience in a jam-packed Halong Bay tour with boats so close to each other it took away from the scenery, a story we heard repeated often when in Hanoi. So we took the safe bet, went with Indochina Junk, and basically had the cards stacked in our favor to enjoy three days on the water in the most luxurious sailing experience I will probably ever have.

Indochina Junk - Bai Tu Long Bay

Indochina Junk - Bai Tu Long Bay

All meals were a highlight of the tour. Every single one of them. With several courses, great company and jaw dropping scenery. Towards the end of our meals, our guide would review the next day’s itinerary, which usually included many kayaking trips. He actually said kayaking so much that we made up a little game, every time he said, “kayak” we enjoyed a sip of our drinks. Our guide caught on pretty fast, and our bar tabs grew consequently. Also, we had dinner in a CAVE!

Our Indochina Junk experience was by far one of the most memorable things we have ever done. The rooms were spectacularly comfortable (double beds instead of bunk beds like on our Galápagos cruise), and the lounge chairs were perfect for settling in for an afternoon of reading. Being on the Dragon’s Pearl 2 was sailing first class, on an economy budget and I could not recommend it more highly.


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    • The double beds were so comfortable too and the bathroom was larger than my SF apartment’s bathroom with a giant walk in shower!

  1. This is such a lovely view! I can definitely see why it’s your favorite memory. And yes, I think it says something about how captivating a place is when we choose to savor the moment instead of constantly snapping away. :)

    <3 Trou
    The Peculiar Trouth

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