shopping in vietnam

shopping in vietnam

Dress worn as Top: Loft; Skirt: Sapa Original; Sunglasses: Sunglasses Shop; Shoes: Madewell (similar here); Earrings: Etsy; Purse: Sapa Original

When carrying your life on your back, being selective when it comes to souvenirs is vital. Well, my bag gained 3 kilos while in Southeast Asia, so it appears I really did not take my own advice. However, I did find this beautiful, hand embroidered skirt while exploring the streets of Sapa.

Every street in Sapa is lined with merchandise to purchase. From knock off NorthFace, to authentic, hand made items, Sapa has it all. Which can be overwhelming for a shopping glutton like me. So my advice when shopping in Vietnam, tone back the enthusiasm for the knock offs, and focus in on the items you can only get in that region.

shopping in vietnam

shopping in vietnam

shopping in vietnam

shopping in vietnam

shopping in vietnam

Which brings me to this skirt. This skirt has so much charm, and is so vibrant in color and despite the fact that I literally had no room in my backpack, I bought it anyways, for a grand total of $12USD, and with no bargaining. I bought the skirt from an adorable older Vietnamese woman who handmade the skirt.

shopping in vietnam

I love this beautiful piece of Sapa heritage and feel so grateful to have been able to meet the woman who sewed it and the Hmong women who have shared their culture with the those passing through.


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    • I know. I saw so many of these skirts around town but it wasn’t until I found this little shop that I knew I was in love!

  1. What a lovely outfit – the skirt’s pattern is so beautiful and I can understand why it feels so special to you! Also, it has only recently occurred to me that you need to be selective with what you purchase – I’ve no doubt there’s been many times you want to do a load of shopping but can’t fit everything into your bag!!

    Have a lovely week – as always, I look forward to your next blog post (both travel snaps nad outfits!!) :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


    • I definitely have had a few times when I wanted to buy something and had to weigh the prospect of carrying it with owning it and ultimately the carrying it issue won out!

    • Thank you Lisa. I really enjoyed your most recent post on the blog conference you attended in Chicago! Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed the uniqueness of the skirt! Also I know you love DIY, so I thought you might like this handmade skirt!

  2. These backgrounds are so, so beautiful! The skirt is a fantastic souvenir; I always run into the same dilemma. I always try to stick to art/ home goods so I really pull all of the places I’ve been into my home!

    • Thank you Kelly! I am so happy you like it! I cannot wait to see what creations you make while in design school! Yeah for your NYC move!

  3. Ah, I so want to go to southeast Asia one day- Vietnam looks beautiful! That skirt really is something special and your hair looks lovely :)

  4. I love when pieces of clothing have cool stories behind them.. its so fun! Its also great when you can build the local economy of a country, especially a struggling country. The details of that skirt are just gorgeous.. and your pictures are breathtaking as always. I am so jealous of your life right now.


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