Ancient City of Hoi An

Ancient City of Hoi An

The Ancient City of Hoi An is absolutely stunning and at times, you can easily forget where you are. The streets are so charming, with their orange stucco walls and bougainvillea blooming over doorways and is very reminiscent of many old European towns I have visited. Buuuut then you go to purchase a coffee or for that matter anything, and you happily remember exactly where you are: the beautiful and affordable Ancient City of Hoi An, Vietnam.

In my post shared last Friday, I shared about Hoi An’s beautiful beaches, so I think you are getting a feel that Hoi An has so much to offer. From the beach to the city, it has it all and the only way to get around is by bike!

We stayed in a gorgeous B&B in between the city and the beach, which both destinations were about a 10 minute bike ride in opposite directions. At times the bike ride was a sweaty, terrifying mess being on the road with the Vietnamese drivers. My coping mechanism, was to ride like hell when no one was near me and then be responsible and just look forward when the flow of masses caught up! Other times, the bike ride was a serene moment of true Vietnamese life.

I cannot more highly recommend Hoi Ai. If you visit Vietnam, please, ditch all the extras off your to do list, and head straight to paradise found!


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    • Hi Samantha! Yes the B&B had free bikes for us to use! Some of the B&Bs we looked at did not include free bike rentals, so it was another plus to why we chose where we stayed.

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