An Bang Beach Hoi An

An Bang Beach Hoi An

Hat: Purchased in the Ancient Town, Hoi An

When we first attempted to create out Vietnam itinerary, we were ambitious. We wanted to see everything during our three weeks in Vietnam.

Here is what we initially thought we would do:
1. Saigon – 6 Days
2. Dalat – 3 Days
3. Nha Trang -3 Days
4. Hoi An – 3 Days
5. Hue – 2 Days
6. Hanoi – 2 Days
7. Halong Bay – 3 Days

An Bang Beach Hoi An

An Bang Beach Hoi An

An Bang Beach Hoi An

Obviously, that originally itinerary would have been fabulous, we would have seen so much more of Vietnam during our three weeks, but in reality, we skipped Dalat, Nha Trang, and Hue, and chose to spend all of our extra time in Hoi An. We had heard countless positive recommendations for the city, and we just knew that if Nha Trang was also a beach city, then why not save the trekking for a different leg and consolidate all the beach days to one beach and just relax…so that is what we did.

One interesting fact about An Bang Beach is that during the day, it is basically empty from locals, then 5pm hits and all the locals flock to the beach for dinner, music (kind of trippy carnival music if you ask me!) and family time. It was refreshing to see families, and big families for that matter, come together, share a meal, and be happy. It was a beautiful piece of Vietnamese culture that I feel so fortunate to have been blessed to witness.

An Bang Beach, Hoi An is a place to see, experience and fall in love with over and over again.


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    • Right! I loved the emphasis on family and spending time together! Also, it seemed like all the Vietnamese families were huge in numbers, so I’d bet that the beach was the only place big enough for all of them to get together and have dinner together!

  1. I love that hat picture :) Your other photos are absolutely gorgeous too–you really have a talent, I love seeing your travel photos! Sometimes it’s fun to explore and bounce from place to place, but I think it’s nice you took a little break and found a place you could relax. Traveling is exhausting!

    • Thank you Shea! Photography has always been an interest of mine and this trip has been amazing learning more about it. Ryan luckily is patient with me while I learn!

    • I am quickly getting to that point too Gina! It gets exhausting moving around all the time, and is so nice to get familiar with a place and get to enjoy that familiarity rather than always checking a map!

  2. I think getting together on a beach at 5pm with family is my idea of heaven.
    That first photo – so captivating. The colorful beach and the black and white pattern of the hat.

    • Thank you Tamara! I wish we could do something similar in the US but imagining everyone getting home from work in time for a 5pm dinner just seems unattainable…which is such a sad fact to how hard everyone is working these days!

  3. ‘Trippy carnival music’ – honestly, I’m intrigued now.. I wish I could hear what you mean haha :) The colours of these photos are breathtakingly beautiful, what a sky! I love your sunhat by the way, it has a sort of Agatha Christie’s Poirot ‘era’ vibe to it.. if that makes any sense at all?! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


    • Haha I wish I would have captured it. I am a late adopter of SnapChat and now in hindsight, that would have been a perfect SnapChat capture!

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