two days in angkor wat – angkor wat (temple #5)

two days in angkor wat

Continuing on with our two days in Angkor Wat, day two began with a visit to the famed Angkor Wat Temple.

One of the major highlights, and pretty much the reason for this entire two day journey, was watching the sunrise over Angkor Wat. Our guide picked us up from our hotel at 4:45am and I remember thinking, “4:45am, this is the real deal. We will surely be some of the first people there!” Well, we drove into the Angkor Wat complex, and I was astounded to see thousands of people mulling about the grounds. People with tripods, people with point and shoot cameras, and people there to just enjoy the moment. I felt part of something bigger that morning and it was a moment that I will never forget.

two days in angkor wat

two days in angkor wat

There are two beautiful view points to watch the sunrise within Angkor Wat:

1. Outside the complex (where we chose to view the sunrise) – Here you can get a comfortable seat, set up your tripod and not worry about someone blocking your photo.
2. Inside the complex – here you can view the sunrise and see spectacular views in the reflection lake near Angkor Wat. Con to this viewpoint, everyone else wants to be there too! According to our guide you really have to jockey for position, and most likely will have other people’s arms/cameras in your photos.

two days in angkor wat

two days in angkor wat

The sheer size and scale of the temples within Angkor Wat were enough to make anyone marvel at ancient Khmer culture.

I have many more temple photos, but I think for the sake of everyone’s enjoyment and my own, I will hold off on posting more of Day 2 for a few weeks! I hope you enjoyed the first half of our “two days in Angkor Wat” series!


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    • Hi Shireen!

      Ryan and I take turns taking the photos but he can be credited for the first photo and out guide can be credited for showing us the spot, so it was a team effort :)

    • I have always been a morning person but in Cambodia, I was very much a morning person because it is the only time of day that isnt a million degrees! I was fun seeing all the locals out and about working out and running errands at 5am!

  1. I love your view with all these photos! I went in June and I remember dying walking around. My friend and I were just pouring bottles of water on us as we walked! How amazing were all these temples?! And all the monkeys wandering around?

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

  2. Wow..beautiful ancient place and history… but then you should come to nashik if you planning to cum bak to India. ..soon nashik kumbh mela coming up..You can check out my blog dream come true for more info..stay connected sweets

    • I have been enjoying building a blogging friendship with you over the past four months and looking forward to having a friend in Paris if I ever make it anytime soon!

  3. The first photo shown in this post is absolutely mesmerising and you’re right, the size of the temples really does prompt me to marvel at ancient Khmer culture .. wow!! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


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