Two Days in Angkor Wat – Roulos Group (Temple #4)

Two Days in Angkor Wat

Welcome to part four of “Two Days in Angkor Wat!” I promise I will put together a more condensed guide to this series later, but for now, I want to jump back into day one’s adventures, which ended with the Roulos Group.

By the end of day one, I had been drenched in sweat several times, covered myself in bug spray 3 times and reapplied sunscreen 4 times. Which is why I am so happy we did chose to visit the temples with a guide in a car. I cannot tell you how relieving it was to be able to get into an air conditioned car after two hours outside in the Cambodia humidity. I felt rejuvenated during our time in the car traveling from temple to temple. Making the experience that much more enjoyable! Well, now that I am finished sounding like a royal pain in the butt, lets talk about the Roulos Group!

DAY 1: Temple 4 – 6 – Roulos Group

Two Days in Angkor Wat

Two Days in Angkor Wat    Two Days in Angkor Wat

Two Days in Angkor Wat

The Roulos Group consists of three temples:
1. Lolei – currently under extensive renovations so we chose to not take photos.
2. Bakong – Mountain temple with extensive stairs and levels to climb (photos pictured below).
3. Preah Ko – means “Holy Cow”(and is the temple pictured above).

Preah Ko was the first of the Roulos Temples to be built in 879 CE.  Preah Ko derives its name, “Sacred Bull or Holy Cow,” from the three sandstone statues located in the front of and facing the temple’s central towers. Owing to its name, “Holy Cow,” it was the easiest of temples for me to remember…anyways, the temples were dedicated to three divinized forefathers of the time and their respective wives. The beautiful carvings and red sand stone reminded me of Banteay Srei.

Two Days in Angkor Wat

Two Days in Angkor Wat

The final temple pictured in this post is of Bakong. With its beautiful carvings and sculptured elephants flanking the corners of Bakong, Ryan and I enjoyed sitting at the top of the temple and enjoying the view. After visiting the Patara Elephant Farm in Thailand, seeing the beautiful elephant sculptures up close, gave me further understanding of how important the elephant was to ancient South East Asia cultures.

Day One during our “Two Days in Angkor Wat,” was exhausting, exhilarating, sweaty and we could not wait for more. Day Two began with a sunrise viewing of Angkor Wat! Looking forward to sharing more later this week!


We are currently in China, follow along for up to date photos on Instagram.

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  1. I really like this temple when we went! Was it really crowded for you guys? I felt like when we went it was their busiest time!
    Melanie @

    • We were lucky! The day we went, it was hardly crowded at all! Also we were there in the low season, so that helped!

    • Thank you Carrie! I think being sweaty and gross is part of the experience, so it is good Ryan and I are pretty comfortable together now 😉

    • Oh India! India is on my list of dream vacations! But I also think if I go there I need to lose 10 pounds before I go, because all I will want to do is eat!

  2. The elephant sculptures really stun me.
    As well as the descriptions of the heat and the bugs. I can’t even imagine, although they’re both bad here in New England.

    • Thank you Shea! It is hard to get Ryan to agree to let me share his photo on the blog, so maybe this encouragement will ease him up a bit!

  3. The places you visit never cease to amaze me. Although I have done a fair amount of travelling over the years, it’s nearly always been within Europe and so seeing places so much further afield is really fascinating for me! :)

    Ps. wonderful photography, as always!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


    • Thank you Gabrielle! I love following along with your European travels! I havent been back to Europe since 2010, so I am excited to go back for a brief stop in Copenhagen and Dublin in August!

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