Two Days in Angkor Wat – Banteay Srei (Temple #2)

Two Days in Angkor Wat

The second temple in our series of “Two Days in Angkor Wat,” was Banteay Srei. I was immediately taken by this temple, but when I learned that Banteay Srei means citadel of the women, or citadel of beauty, I was even more in love. Built out of red sand stone, a medium that lends itself to elaborate wall carvings, Banteay Srei is absolutely stunning and considered a jewel of Khmer art.

DAY 1: Temple 2 – Banteay Srie

Two Days in Angkor Wat

Two Days in Angkor Wat    Two Days in Angkor Wat

Two Days in Angkor Wat

Two Days in Angkor Wat

Banteay Srei is filled with beautiful and intricate relief carvings throughout the temple’s grounds. Unfortunately, when the temple was rediscovered in 1914, it was subject to severe art theft in 1923. However, the main instigator of the theft was eventually caught, persecuted and the pieces were returned to their rightful home.

Two Days in Angkor Wat

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Two Days in Angkor Wat

Visiting Banteay Srei aka the women’s citadel was a picture of grace, beauty and the celebration of the female form. I adored visiting this temple. It is one of the further temples to visit (and therefore most guides/drivers will charge you a little extra to visit), but worth the drive. A benefit to Banteay Srei’s distance is that it is a wonderful spot to watch the sunrise and avoid the masses of tourists. For more info on options for getting around Angkor Wat, I discuss them in my first post of the series, here.


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    • Right! I love when justice is served! Have you seen the movie, “woman in gold” yet? If not, see it! It was amazing!

    • Thank you Susie :) Yeah I do not know how i will pick either which is why I am happy I am documenting it all here on the blog! It is easy to relive the memories here!

  1. That’s one hell of a destination – the intricate carvings are absolutely amazing! I love the way you’re wearing the scarf around your neck by the way, you seem like some super-explorer haha :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  2. I feel like I always say that your photos and the places you visit are breathtaking, but seriously, I can’t think of a better word here! What an amazing place!!

    • Thank you Shea! Ryan and I have been having such a wonderful time taking photos on this trip! We have 7 weeks left before going home, so trying to soak it all in as much as possible!

  3. Amazing and beautiful yet again. I wish I could live your life right now! You also are dressed so nicely, look like a professional traveler with that hat and the bandana around our neck! You two are such a cute couple!


  4. I love being able to see these awesome photos of these beautiful places all around the world, hopefully one day I’ll get a chance to see them up close. hope you guys enjoyed it.

    • I am glad you enjoyed the photos Trou! Your photos are always so inspiring to me, so it is flattering that you have enjoyed ours :)

  5. You may be having such wonderful experiences! I read your latest post (I just couldn’t comment for some unknown reason) about the beng maelea ruins and your photos are amazing. Keep enjoying this adventure and keep sharing it with us :)


    • Hi Natalia!

      Thank you for letting me know about the comments issue :) I’m in China for the next two weeks and wifi accessibility is really tough, so once we have left, I’m looking forward to checking out your blog!

    • Hi Shireen!

      Thank you for telling me about the comments issue! Somehow I disabled them :/

      Made it to China and its been interesting trying to get on wifi!

  6. This temple is beautiful and your stories about your travels are always wonderful. Love your relaxed safari/adventured outfit, too.

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