Two Days in Angkor Wat – Pre Rup (Temple #1)

Two Days in Angkor Wat

Over the next two weeks, I will be sharing a series of posts on how we spent two days in Angkor Wat.  So, are you ready for temple overload? Well, I hope so, because visiting the ancient City of Angkor has been a life highlight, hence the need to talk about it for two weeks.

DAY 1: Temple 1 – Pre Rup Temple

Two Days in Angkor Wat

Two Days in Angkor Wat

Two Days in Angkor Wat

Two Days in Angkor Wat

Prior to visiting the Angkor Temples, I had no idea how much distance was between each temple. I remember ignorantly thinking, “we can just walk from temple to temple.” Yeah, nope. Some of them are 45 minute drives apart. So how to get around during two days in Angkor Wat? You have three have three options below:

1. Tuk Tuk – The price varies depending on which temples you want to see but set the price before you leave. Additionally, the Tuk Tuk drivers cannot come into the temples with you, so if you want a guide that will be extra.
2. Bicycles –  Rent the bicycles for as low as $2 from your hotel and leisurely explore the temples. Just know this will be a hot and sticky adventure!
3. Car with guide – This was how we visited the temples. It was more expensive than the other two options. In addition to the Angkor entrance fee of $40 for a 3 Day pass, our guide charged us $200. We felt this was a completely fair price, considering how much we spent on Galápagos, and Machu Picchu, $200 for a guide, a car and air conditioning, was money well spent!

Two Days in Angkor Wat

Two Days in Angkor Wat

Built in 961 CE, Pre Rup is a temple mountain of combined brick, laterite and sandstone construction. When visiting Pre Rup, expect to climb a lot of stairs. Centuries ago, stairs were used as a method for establishing power, because only people of the highest levels could ascend to the highest levels of the temple. It was a surreal experience climbing to the top Pre Rup, especially knowing, that in its hey day, I would not have been allowed to be there. History is a funny thing when viewed from the present’s eyes, isn’t it?


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    • Right! The temple was enormous! We look so itty bitty! Wish that is how I felt in real lift! I have been eating pringles and oreos like there is no tomorrow haha!

    • Thank you Shea! Visiting Angkor Wat was such a special experience, and cannot wait to share more of the photos!).

    • Thank you Kelly! I loved your last photo shoot at Fort Mason! When I get back to the Bay Area, if you are interested, we should meet up for coffee! Love meeting other local bloggers :)

  1. I remember this temple and how steep the steps were! LOL! I hired a yuk yuk and a guide because we made the mistake of not hiring a guide on our first day and we were completely lost. The temples were beautiful but we had no idea of the story behind it so we just wandered around like two fools. LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • I highly doubt you looked like two fools haha! Our guide definitely made us look like fools though when he would quiz us on things he told us two minutes before and we dumbly stared at him with no answers haha

  2. I am so happy you are sharing your trip with us! I love to see vacation photos and see all the places that I one day hope to visit too! I can’t believe how many temples there are and how far away they are from one another. I would do what you did too with the car and guide, I think it would be worth the extra money! You pictures are so beautiful! I am so jealous! :)


    • Hi Rebecca!

      Oh I am so happy yo find a kindred spirit in hiring a car! It was so worth it! Also thank you for your kind words about our photos! Ryan and I have been having a blast taking photos and sifting through them later! Thank you again for your kind words!

  3. Wow! I could imagine how breathtaking this might have been in person when it already looks so beautiful in your photos! Incidentally, I am planning a trip to Cambodia and Vietnam next year (had to put it off for the wedding) but so excited already!!!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

    • Hi Sandy! I am so happy you are enjoying the photos and they are sparking a need to travel! I love nothing more than traveling and always hope to inspire others to jump on a plane!

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