Seven Island Sunset Tour – Thailand

Seven Island Sunset Tour - Thailand

Wednesday’s post I mentioned that we took a terrible Seven Island Sunset Tour while in Railay Beach.

I clearly remember sitting at lunch, eating just about the best tuna-fish sandwich I have ever eaten, and then blurting out to Ryan, “we need to do something today!” So my snap proclamation led us to a little kiosk across the street. There, we were wooed by the sales lady and I must say, she was good at her job. We later learned that for the most part, these sales kiosks make up to 70% commission per sale, so they want to sell you – hard. I know I have no one to blame but myself for not doing proper research, but hey, I had no reason to doubt this woman and who knows, maybe the tour is wonderful during the high season. Who knows. However, I stand by how poorly run and ridiculous that tour was. But, there was one highlight – this sunset.

Seven Island Sunset Tour - Thailand

Seven Island Sunset Tour - Thailand

The tour organized for us to have a beach BBQ and watch the sunset, so they were not all that bad. My advice, if you go to Railay Beach, skip the Seven Island Sunset Tour, and just hire a long-tail boat to take you straight to Poda Island or TripAdvisor can lead you to a great cruise.

The next day, we chose to stick around Railay Beach, and climb to the Viewpoint. This is an intense climb. There are ropes to hoist yourself up the clay mountain, so you need proper hiking/running shoes to do this climb, but it is well worth the view.Seven Island Sunset Tour - Thailand

Seven Island Sunset Tour - Thailand

We had an incredible time in Railay. We may have had a few hiccups, but lets be honest, it cannot all be perfect…and if it was, that would be annoying! The misadventures are what make things memorable and me human.


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  1. It’s still such a pity about the tour, although those views haven’t been tainted one bit by the experience – they’re far too beautiful! The deep colours are ever so striking and I’m amazed by how well you’ve captured that through your photography :)

    ps. do let me know whether you’d like to connect on Twitter as well!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  2. You and your gorgeous pictures!
    We totally had a “hiccup” experience after booking with one of those street people too haha. But in the end it turned out just fine and we had a good time. Can’t wait to read about Cambodia!

    Pink Wings

  3. i think even those few hiccups along the way will make a good memory when you look back after a long time :) these are beautiful shots chelsea. makes me miss railay so much!

    • Hi Surbhi! Such a bummer that you also had a terrible experience on the cruise. Hopefully they will start to get their act together!

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