Phuket Beach Heights Resort

Phuket Beach Heights Resort

Pictured: Beach Heights Resort

Growing up, my grandparents would ask my cousins and I, “if you could go anywhere this summer, where would it be?” I remember yelling in unison with my cousins Sam, Andrew, Claire and Rachael, “DISNEY WORLD!” So summer 2000, my grandparents took us on a road trip from east Texas to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

The following summer, my grandparents asked us the same question, except it was my British cousins’ turn to pick and their answer – Phuket! My thirteen year old self was so confused. I had never heard of Phuket (and I was really pulling for the American Girl Museum in Chicago), but it was their turn to pick, so I could not disagree. Unfortunately, I was not included in their Phuket trip, but the memory always stuck with me. So here I am fourteen years later, and I have finally made it to Phuket, and what a dream it has been! Especially since Ryan and I were invited to spend our time at the Beach Heights Resort at Kata Beach. As you can see from the photos below, the Beach Heights Resort is jam packed with vibrant colors, textures, prints and charm!

Phuket Beach Heights Resort     Phuket Beach Heights Resort

Phuket Beach Heights Resort

Phuket Beach Heights Resort     Phuket Beach Heights Resort

Phuket Beach Heights Resort

Phuket Beach Heights Resort

Checking into the Beach Heights Resort was a breeze, literally. The large open air lobby provided a reprieve from the Thai humidity, and once checked in, we were driven in a golf cart to our room (what a luxury!). Once settled into the room, we checked out the beautiful cafe on the property. An American-style continental breakfast is served in the morning, plus a fruit selection that would put any American hotel to shame!

Phuket Beach Heights Resort     Phuket Beach Heights Resort

Phuket Beach Heights Resort

We stayed in a second floor room over looking one of the many pools on the resort property and I must say, the bed is so comfortable! After staying many nights in hostel beds that were so hard, it was so refreshing to sleep in a comfortable bed. You cannot put a price tag on a refreshing night’s sleep and that is exactly what we got.

The Beach Heights Resort is about a 10 minute walk from Kata Beach and on the same street as two of our favorite restaurants in Kata Beach. The resort is also about a 20 minute walk from Karon Beach, another low key beach to spend your day.

1. Red Snapper (Japanese and Italian…I know a random combo but so delicious) – try their spaghetti carbonara
2. Sugar and Spice (authentic Thai)  – do not miss their spicy coconut yellow curry
3. Red Duck (authentic Thai) – amazing pad thai

1. Rent mopeds for the day – typically it is about 200 BHT/day and you leave your passport with the rental agency
2. Visit the Big Buddha – by taxi or moped
3. Visit the night market – Open Mondays and Thursdays
4. Two Sea Tour – Visit James Bond Island with the best tour group in Phuket! Will elaborate later this week
5. Oriental Spa & Massage – you cannot go to Thailand and not get a massage

Kata Beach

Kata Beach    Kata Beach

Overall, I have read several blog/travel reviews that have not been the most favorable to Phuket and honestly, in terms of the beaches, I completely agree. The Kata and Karon Beaches are not the most beautiful that I have seen in Thailand. However, if you are coming to Thailand for a place to affordably relax in luxury, enjoy resort facilities but still be close to authentic Thai culture, Kata beach is your answer.


We are currently in Thailand, follow along on Instagram!

*thank you to the Beach Heights for hosting us while in Phuket. 

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  1. This place looks amazing! Loving all the vibrant colors this place has. I agree with you, finding a hotel that has a comfortable bed seems rare. Every time I get home after a vacation I always mentioned how much I miss my bed. You must of hit jackpot!

    • Haha I am glad you found the humor in the Japanese-Italian restaurant too! Such a random combo but so delicious!

    • Thank you Katie! I am SO in love with your amazing calligraphy skills! I cannot wait to get back to SF and try and learn some tips from you!

  2. Looking at your pictures really made me miss Asia, the warm weather and food. Phuket is great, we stayed at a hotel which is adult only and no kids under 15 is allowed so it was serene and quiet. Have fun there and I truly enjoy Thailand though your posts and eyes.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  3. The resort looks relaxing and fun! Phuket looks amazing, I’m not a fan of hot weather, but maybe I will get there sometime.I would love to see that Buddha though!

    • My mom would totally be with you on the heat part! She definitely melted but found ways to survive, so it can be done 😉

  4. Lucky! I am such a big fan of Thailand. I didn’t make it to Phuket when I was there but I did go to Krabi which is a bit similar. I can’t wait to go back on day. Hope you are having an amazing time.

    • Oh Jess, you made it to Krabi! I loved Krabi! Their beaches were beautiful but I guess all the beaches in Thailand are beautiful! Right?!?!

  5. I admittedly don’t know much about Phuket besides that it’s in Thailand. Your photographs of the interiors of the hotel are stunning! Everything is so bright and crisp! It’s a bummer that the beaches didn’t live up to your expectations. At least the hotel was nice :)


  6. It looks so beautiful! I love all the bright oranges everywhere too. I’d love to make it to Thailand myself someday, but I have a few more places on the list first :)

    • I am totally with you on having a travel list Bobbyanne! Where is at the top of your list? I am always looking for inspiration!

  7. I’m almost definite I wouldnt’ have known where Phuket was (or that it even existed!) when I was just thirteen years old as well haha! It’s great you’ve found your way back there and wow, what a trip! Those bold orange armchairs are so striking – wonderful photography in this post.. ah, suddenly this British weather feels overwhelmingly inadequate! 😉 Have a lovely weekend!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


    • Thank you Gabrielle! I think no matter what, as an American, I will ALWAYS be jealous of your British weather (and accent!). Thank you again for the photography compliments! I really appreciate the compliment, especially coming from you, because your photography is AMAZING!

    • Thank you Sydney! I have been a participant to your link up in the past and am honored to be invited to host! I will definitely be in touch!

    • Thank you! It really was beautiful! If you get the chance to go there, let me know, because I can give you a few extra tips :)

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