Hobbiton Evening Dinner Tour

Hobbiton Evening Dinner Tour

I remember sitting in the café at work, and having a casual conversation with my coworker Brian about his love for Lord of the Rings. Somehow, growing up, I had missed the boat on Lord of the Rings, so I was intrigued the longer Brian spoke. Brian had taken classes on Tolkien while in college, so who better to get a download on Lord of the Rings from than Brian? Our conversation concluded and I was left with homework – go home and watch the first movie. Well, the good student that I am, I took it above and beyond just the first movie…I stayed up all night and watched both the first and the second movie. That night, a new love was born, and my fantasy fiction love expanded from a party of two (me and the Harry Potter series) to a party of three.

So, after thoroughly enjoying hunting down LOTR and Hobbit filming locations in the South Island, (you can read about our experience here), everyone knew, the minute we stepped foot on the North Island, I was going to Hobbiton, with them or without them.

Hobbiton Evening Dinner Tour
*the above photo was featured on New Zealand’s official tourism Instagram! My favorite commenter said, “Katniss in Hobbiton!” Obviously, that was a great ego stroke for my braiding capabilities!

Hobbiton Evening Dinner Tour

Hobbiton Evening Dinner Tour

Then, while in Napier, I saw a pamphlet advertising Hobbiton. I casually picked it up and was greeted with a beautiful ad for the Hobbiton Evening Dinner Tour, I had not heard about this tour before, so I went home and looked it up on Tripadvisor. Unfortunately, Tripadvisor was not super helpful because the Hobbiton Evening Dinner Tour was launched this past January, so it is a relatively new tour offering, and Tripadvisor did not have a lot of reviews. The only review we saw at the time was from a family of small children (they enjoyed it!). So we took a leap of faith that the tour would be cool, and it really was amazing.

Here is why I loved it:

1. You tour the grounds of Hobbiton before sunset, so you see it lit up in natural light, as well as the soft lighting of sunset
2. Enjoy drinks in the Green Dragon
3. Stuff yourself silly with the most decadent feast fit for a hobbit
4. No one was dressed as a hobbit when you arrived at the Green Dragon, so you avoided the overly cheesy factor
5. Everyone on the tour was just as much of a fan as me, so everyone was in great spirits and no one was making mean, sarcastic comments
6. Then after dinner, you thankfully get to walk the Hobbiton grounds after dark (aka get a few steps in so you do not feel so full) and experience it all lit up

The regular daily tour cost $75 NZD/person. However, the Hobbiton Evening Dinner Tour cost $190 NZD/person. Although the Hobbiton Evening Tour is a bit pricey, it is worth every penny. You get to walk around Hobbiton twice, without heaps of people, get a free delicious drink, and then enjoy a feast of food that even the most ambitious of eaters could not finish!

Hobbiton Evening Dinner Tour

Hobbiton Evening Dinner Tour

After walking the grounds of Hobbiton, we were so happy to enter the warmth of the Green Dragon (and a glass of cider warmed me right up!). But the pièce de résistance was walking in the “Great Hall” of sorts and seeing the feast set out on the table for us to enjoy!

Hobbiton Evening Dinner Tour

Hobbiton Evening Dinner Tour     Hobbiton Evening Dinner Tour

Hobbiton Evening Dinner Tour

I do not think I will ever be able to do this tour justice in just a single blog post, so if I can urge you to do anything while you are in New Zealand, GO TO HOBBITON and do the Hobbiton Evening Dinner Tour!


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LocationLOCATION: North Island, New Zealand

  1. So even though I’m not a big Lord of the Rings/Hobbit fan (I know, I don’t know what’s wrong with me!) I think it would still be so fun to visit this place–it looks SO pretty and cool! Congrats on your photo being featured too, it’s gorgeous!

    • Yes, Susie, you must give it another try! I was really skeptical about liking LOTRs and now I am sad I powered through them so quickly! I wish I would have taken my time and cherished them a bit longer haha!

    • Shiireen! I knew we were friends! You must go and do this evening tour! My photos did not do it an ounce of justice with how amazing it was!

    • Thank you Alyssa! I am so glad you are geeking out too :) Also yesterday we went to an elephant sanctuary and so glad we did! Thanks for the encouragement to go give it a try!

  2. Ah I love LOTR and would absolutely love to do this! Actually just seeing the place would be great :) Beautiful pictures.

    Thanks for linking up to All About You & have a great week!

    Alex – Funky Jungle

  3. I had no idea this place even existed, I would LOVE to visit as well! Also, a huge well done for having been featured on the New Zealand tourism Instagram account, it’s a fantastic photos so I can understand why :) Also, the lighting in the feast photos is insanely warm and welcoming!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  4. I want to go! Especially when I saw how authentic they made the feast.

    I’ll add that to my list of things to do when in NZ.

    Wonderful photos.


  5. OMG I want to go now!!!!!!!! I love The Hobbit and LOTR (and read the books in high school) so this would definitely be a treat. Thank you for sharing this little tour and fun dinner with us and congrats on making the NZ instagram page.
    Thanks for linking up to “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me”
    Rachel xo

    Garay Treasures

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