Reflection Lake – Lake Matheson

Reflection Lake - Lake Matheson

It is hard to imagine a place more beautiful than reflective Lake Matheson, which can be found near Fox Glacier. Lake Matheson stunningly captures the beauty of the Mount Cook mountain range and Mount Tasman and you can view this beauty with a 40 minute leisurely walk around the lake. The reflective views of Lake Matheson, are quite possibly the most beautiful I have ever seen. Well done New Zealand. Well done.

Reflection Lake - Lake Matheson

Reflection Lake - Lake Matheson

After our morning explorations of Lake Matheson, we drove back to Franz Josef to gear up for our glacier tour. We were all paid up, ready to go, and then…the tour was canceled. I was so bummed. The tour we had our heart set on joining was the Ice Explorer tour. This tour allowed you to climb the glacier, navigate the ice tunnels and well, ride a helicopter. But alas, the tour was canceled because of weather (which rightfully so! No need to do anything unnecessarily dangerous.) and I got a full refund. Not gonna lie, getting that refund was kind of a relief. New Zealand ain’t cheap.

So after the let down of the Ice Explorer tour, we did the next best thing – the Glacier Valley Walk. Ryan and I packed a lunch (PB&J + Cadbury chocolate) and began the hike. The hike was absolutely stunning and I love that Ryan captured the ridiculous photos below. I like to think of myself as adventurous, but in reality, I am a phony. I do it, usually with a gritted face, but do it nonetheless. However, these photos below hilariously capture how easily I can psych myself out from doing the tiniest of adventurous things. I mean, I traveled with sky divers, bungee jumpers, and here I am contemplating jumping this little stream. Yes, I can take the teasing.

Reflection Lake - Lake Matheson    Reflection Lake - Lake Matheson

We walked for a little bit longer through the desolate landscape and eventually saw this view of Franz Josef Glacier. I realize it is not the best photo of the Glacier but I wanted to show you it for story telling purposes. Unfortunately, the Glacier is receding at an alarming rate, so I am happy we were able to see it when we did.



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LocationLOCATION: South Island, New Zealand

    • Thank you Charlotte! We really would have had to work so much harder to find the beautiful places in NZ if it were not for your suggestions. Our first day in NZ, we got a big map of the two islands, and crossed off all the places you recommended and we made it to every one but the hot water beach. It was too rainy and cold the day we were supposed to go….Also your photos from Iguazu were amazing!

    • Thank you Susie! I am glad to know I am not the only one who is just a little bit too nervous to do silly little things like jump over a water stream! :)

    • Thank you Angelina! This trip was 3 years in the making and come August we will be back Stateside, with normal desk jobs again…so trying to enjoy every minute while it lasts!

  1. ‘Fox Glacier’ sounds idyllic and the images match the vision! Wow! Also, I love your thrill-seeking leap over the tiny stream.. you wouldn’t be alone though, I’d most likely be the same! I’m really enjoying these travel posts.. it reminds me just how huge the world is and how little we’ve each discovered! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


    • You are so right Gabrielle! I feel like I have seen so much on this trip and then I look at a map, or read other travel blogs and realize I have just scratched the surface of the world.

      Glad we are becoming blog friends!

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