Milford Sound

Milford Sound

Before we left for our trip, I remember taking the “N” home and randomly chatting with a women who had just moved back to the states from New Zealand. I remember asking, “if there is one place in New Zealand not to miss, what would you say it is?” Her response, “Milford Sound.”

Not hard to understand why.

Milford Sound

When we arrived in Milford Sound, according to our hotel concierge, we arrived on the best day in Milford Sound in the last 200 days! Let me repeat that, “LAST 200 DAYS!” Lucky us! We had no idea at the time and just thought, “wow, this is absolutely beautiful.” Until that evening. The pounding rain and roaring winds were epic to say the least. So unfortunately, these are my only photos to really show for our time in Milford sound.

One thing not to miss while in Milford Sound is to do a cruise through the Fjords. We used JUCY Cruize (yes, they spell cruise with a “z,” so sk8ter boi of them…) and felt this tour was sufficient to see what we could on such a rainy and stormy day. However, the best surprise of this tour, running into my good friend Faryar at the gate of the ship. I kid you not. We had no idea the other was going to be in New Zealand, and there we were! It was so exciting to see her and she ended up spending the last week of our trip traveling with Ryan, our friend Ash and I! What a small, small world! But I guess not that small when you hear that 555,000-1 million people visit Milford Sound every year. Making Milford Sounds one of the most visited sites in all of New Zealand.

Milford Sound


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LocationLOCATION: South Island, New Zealand

    • Hi Kelsey and Kenecha!

      Yes it was so fun seeing my friend there! Almost made it hard to concentrate on the beauty when I was so excited to see her there!

    • Right?! The weather there is so extreme! I realize we were so lucky we were able to see it on a beautiful day, because seeing how terrible it got the next day, I just would not have known how beautiful it was otherwise.

    • Hi Jessica! Sounds like your grandfather has amazing taste in travel destinations! If you end up traveling to NZ, please let me know, I would love to give you any other suggestions that I havent already listed on this blog!

  1. These photos are incredible! I am filled with such wanderlust just from looking at that first photo! New Zealand is definitely on my list of places to travel. It has been since Lord of the Rings came out years ago haha :)

    be the plebeian

    • Hi Jasmine!

      Isn’t wanderlust the best though! Always gets me out doing fun things because deep down I am a total coach potato! Once you decided to head to NZ, let me know so I can do a little happy dance with you :)

  2. Wow, I can see why that is a must-visit place, it is gorgeous! And how awesome that you ran into a friend there, of all the places! It IS a small world :)

    • Right!? Such a small world to run into a friend from college, in Milford Sound, NZ! Rebecca, I love your style and cannot wait to follow along :)

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