Royal Ascot Dress Code

Royal Ascot Dress Code

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When I was first approached by the Farfetch team to participate in their blogger event, “Rewrite the Royal Ascot Dress Code,” I was a little hesitant to participate. The prompt of rewriting the dress code for the thoroughbred horse race with decades of fashion history seemed daunting. But then again, Downton Abbey’s Lady Mary was brave enough to buck English tradition during the season five finale by participating in a traditionally male horse race. She shocked our lovable Grannie, Dowager Countess of Grantham and proved herself to be a trendsetter of her time. So why can’t the Royal Ascot be given the revolutionary treatment by an American girl?

Before I could rewrite the dress code, I needed to know the basic rules to break.

LADIES (traditional)

• A hat, headpiece or fascinator should be worn at all times.
• Strapless or sheer strap dresses and tops are not permitted.
• Trousers must be full length and worn with a top that adheres to the guidelines above.
• Midriffs must be covered.
• Shorts are not permitted.

So how to rewrite the Holy Grail of quintessential British fashion without disregarding the tradition that made it famous? Well, I decided to work within the confines of history, by creating four bold looks with a traditional color palette keeping in mind the Farfetch Unfollow Campaign of, “for fashion lovers, not followers.”

LADIES (rewritten)

• A hat, headpiece or fascinator should be worn at all times – Agreed. Headpieces make this event.
• Strapless or sheer strap dresses and tops are not permitted – Agreed.
• Trousers of any length may be worn – Are we afraid of the ankle? Culottes are trendier than ever, why ignore them?
• Midriffs are modestly permitted – The era of crop tops is among us my friends, and can be tastefully worn, so lets update this rule.
• Shorts are not permitted – Agreed.
• Invite the Jumpsuit to the party – A jumpsuit is just as classic and feminine as the next piece, but add a tie for a more masculine, dress code pushing edge, to the event. Lady Mary style.


*thank you Farfetch for including Ginger Side of Life in your “Rewrite the Royal Ascot Dress Code event.

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    • Thanks Corinne! It was a fun little prompt to work on considering these days, I have a wardrobe that sincerely is carried on my back. So fun to dream about, regardless if I ever get to go!

    • Aww you are so right! My Fair Lady did not even cross my mind when putting together this post! Thanks for the reminder :)

  1. What a fun challenge! I love your rewritten rules, but I love that you still kept everything very tasteful. The outfits you picked are the perfect mix of funky and classy.

    • Thank you Shea! It was a lot of fun…very different than my travel posts right now which made it a little more fun to put my “glam” hat on after days of wearing boring travel clothes!

    • Thank you! Loved your recent post featuring the Man Repeller! Did you take those photos of her walking around?

  2. count me in! great remix. and! i was trying to comment on your Outlander post (because, Outlander! I remember hearing all about it!), but I couldn’t get to the comments section somehow :/

    • Thank you Annie for letting me know! Such a newb move on my part! Somehow disabled comments…but its fixed now, so thank you for letting me know!

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