Clay Cliffs – Omarama

Clay Cliffs - Omarama

While exploring New Zealand, especially by car, you can spend hours trying to go 50 miles (or 80 kilometers in local terms!). Every corner has an unexpected and beautiful view. The Clay Cliffs were one of our unexpected treasure finds. We were driving from Mount Cook, to Dunedin, and randomly saw a grove of beautiful, and colorful trees. I yelped from the backseat, asking to stop so we cold look at them further. As we drove, we came across a sign that said, “Clay Cliffs,” and, not knowing exactly what these cliffs were, we decided to veer off our path to Dunedin and go explore the cliffs. As were driving, we saw this beautiful rainbow.

Clay Cliffs - Omarama

Clay Cliffs - Omarama

The drive from the main road to the “Clay Cliffs” was bumpy and at times, I wondered if we were going to either pop a tire, or break off our side mirror, but I will give you the cliff notes version (pun intended) and save you my worries – we made it safely. The “Clay Cliffs” made a wonderful first impression. After the anxiety of the drive, to round the corner to this view above, was an unexpected surprise.

Clay Cliffs - Omarama    Clay Cliffs - Omarama

Clay Cliffs - Omarama

Oh and here is one more rainbow picture, because, why not?

So here is what you need to know about the “Clay Cliffs”:

1.  The “Clay Cliffs” are the result of two million years of erosion on layers of silt and gravel
2. To get to the area, head north from Omarama for 4km on SH8, turn left onto Quailburn Rd, and then turn left after 4km onto unsealed Henburn Rd. There are lots of signs to help you along the way!
3. Since it is private property, the entrance fee is $5. There are conflicting signs on where you are supposed to pay, but there is a little box that says, “pay here,” and then a sign that says “surveillance cameras watching,” near the entrance gate, so the honest folk we are, we decided to pay here.


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LocationLOCATION: South Island, New Zealand

  1. Such beautiful scenery – the rainbow looks phenomenal! I love the background you’ve provided on the Clay Cliffs, I’d never heard of them before and so i’ve learnt something new today :) I’d so love to visit New Zealand at some point in the near future, It’s still on my list of places to visit!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


    • Thank you Gabrielle! I am so happy you enjoyed the Clay Cliffs feature! I have so enjoyed reading Glass of Ice and becoming familiar with you through you blog :) Looking forward to continuing to follow along!

  2. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful place, and the rainbow is the icing on the cake. Gorgeous! Oh, and “cliff notes version” made me laugh :)

    • Hi Shea! I am so glad you got my sense of humor :) Always hard to tell if my sense of humor comes through my writing style :) Anyways glad I made you laugh!

    • Thank you Lena! I really hope you make it to New Zealand! You and Kobi would love it (well I am sure you pup would love all the open spaces to roam and explore!).

  3. This view somewhat reminds me of the film “Wild”, it was very inspirational.. so I get positive vibes from those beautiful pictures :) Very nice post again!

  4. Oh wow! New Zealand! I’ve not had chance to read over the last couple of weeks (revision :( ) but I can’t wait to get up to date with your travels. It looks like you’re still having such a wonderful time!

    Emily x

    • Good luck with revisions my friend! I forget how all encompassing it is to be a student as I have been out of school for 4 years now (womp, where the eff did the time go?!?)…guess I am in my senior year of life?

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