Remedy homesickness while traveling

Valparaiso Fashion

Top: Gap (old – adore this option here); Skirt: Loft; Shoes: Madewell (similar here); Earrings: Banana Republic; Sunglasses: Prada

By the time we took these photos, we were about one month into our travels. With that said, I have never been one to become homesick, but when on the road for an extended period of time, it is hard not to. Sometimes I miss the comfort of having more than one pillow to prop me up while sitting in bed, or maybe, I am missing Mexican food one day or maybe it is just missing knowing where to go and how to get to places. Well my friends, I have a remedy for this homesickness!

Valparaiso Fashion

Valparaiso Fashion

To remedy homesickness while traveling, if timing and proximity permits, go back to somewhere you recently have been. While in Chile, I am sure you found it pretty obvious how much we loved Valparaíso. It felt like an edgier version of San Francisco. So while in Santiago, I was feeling nostalgic for familiarity. So, Ryan and I decided to take a day trip back to Valparaíso.

The bus ride to Valparaíso from Santiago ranges about $4-15 USD each way depending on the time, and can take around 1:30 to get there. So from a budget and time perspective, it was completely doable.

Valparaiso Fashion

Valparaiso Fashion

Valparaiso Fashion

It was such a treat to return to – at this point in the trip – my favorite city on our adventure. So to impress my favorite city, I decided to pull out some of my cute packed away clothes, and return with my Sunday best. So I hope you love my leopard flats, because wow, you are going to see them a lot during these fashion posts!


We are currently in New Zealand, follow along here!

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  1. This outfit is ridiculously cute. I LOVE the tied gingham blouse with the white eyelet skirt, and those printed flats add such cool touch! Great idea to travel back to somewhere familiar if you get homesick while travelling. i’ve honestly never thought of that (usually, I just truck on doggedly and then get more and more homesick!)

  2. Such a cute outfit, love the polka dots! I like how you did your hair, too, it’s adorable, I’ll have to learn how to do that for me and my daughter’s hair!

    • Thank you Bernadyn! Its a super easy braid! I recently learned how to fishtail, so it definitely is a doable braid :)

  3. I can relate to this post, living in Canada since September last year and with the rest of my family in Malaysia has been hard for me. It was especially hard during the first 3 months of arriving here, it was winter, cold, dark, rainy and gloomy and I felt more alone than ever. It’s better now as I have adapt to it and thankfully my husband was amazingly supportive. xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Hi Shireen,

      Thank you for your sincere comment. I did not fully realize how recent your move to Canada has been. I cannot imagine how difficult that move was, especially with your kiddos. I can totally relate to showing up somewhere and arriving to a cold and dark environment. That happened to me when I studied abroad in Germany. I arrived in January and we did not see the sun for 26 consecutive days! But once the sun came out, things warmed up, life got better! Looking forward to seeing your posts of a Canadian summer :)

  4. Wow these photos are incredible! Love your style. I love your advice, I’m thinking of going to China next spring break and I’ll definitely keep this advice in my mind!


    • Oh that is so exciting that you are going to China! I am going to China mid July, so I can definitely give you tips if you need any.

  5. You’re looking so so pretty, babe! <3 I am absolutely in love with your skirt, and the way you styled it with that blouse!! Just gorgeous!! <3 And that braid is literally to die for!! <3 Just gorgeous!! :)

  6. Hi Chelsea, i think you’re totally right about this, it is a good way to counteract this. Hope you are feeling less homesick. You look reslly pretty in thus outfit too. I love the top. X

    • Hi Mari! Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Traveling for a long period of time is really such a blessing, but it is hard not to get pangs of missing home sometimes!

  7. First of all I super adore this outfit. It is perfectly prim, proper and preppy. The skirt and top are wonderful together and your glasses, loafers and that stunning braid of yours are truly the icing on the cake when it comes to accessorizing. You look fantastic. And as far as getting home-sick, when you are gone for too long it is normal for it to happen. =)

    Secondly, thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for your beautiful and kind e-mail. I have been meaning to e-mail you back but between mom and wife duties, teaching part-time and blogging, it is hard to send a proper e-mail these days, because I am staying home with Vivian, also. But thank kindly, once again Chelsea. Much appreciated.

    Enjoy this week of travelinbg, babe! <3 Ada.

    • Thank you Ada! I am glad to hear your sweet Vivian is doing so much better. No worries to respond to my email, just wanted you to know you are in my thoughts.

  8. When traveling, the excitement is there during the first few days but then I do get homesick after a while too. Thanks for these tips – hope I can use them soon! I love the outfit too, so pretty esp the skirt :)

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

    • Thank you Brooke! Its funny you mention the flats. They are my only “cute” shoes I brought on the trip outside of my hiking boots, water socks, and flip flops, so I am glad you like them because they will be making many appearances on the blog in the next few months!

  9. I have never ttravelled enough to be homesick! But need to . Love to hear about your travels, and i really love all your outfits, this one is no exception love the gingham and this adorable skirt i missed at loft. NOw, to figure out how to do my hair in that awesome braid!

    Thank you for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesaday!
    jess xx

    • Jess you will have to add New Zealand to your travel destinations! It is so beautiful – and SO many gingers :)

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