Galápagos Islands Rabída

Our last full day on the Floreana, Day 7, brought us to Santiago and Rabída Islands. In order to minimize photos, I decided to focus only on Rabída Island for this final Galápagos Islands post.

Our Rabída visit included a wet landing on the beach, then a hike to a beautiful viewpoint. While hiking to the view point we passed a salt water lagoon that at one point in time was home to flamingos! Victor (our guide), teased us saying, “look, there, see the flamingo?!” We all responded, “yes, yes!” There were no flamingos.  We ended our Rabída visit by snorkeling the coast line.

Galápagos Islands Rabída

Galápagos Islands Rabída

Ryan and I loved walking around Rabída. We reminisced how Rabída reminded us of Santorini’s Red Beach, which we visited while still in college. We laughed remembering how we rented ATVs and drove to Greece’s Red Beach. Then, after a day spent in the Greecian sun, we decided to drive to a beautiful winery. At the time, we thought we were so classy going wine tasting…sandy clothes, windswept hair and helmets in hand. We probably looked exactly like what we were, 21 year olds trying too hard. Anyways, like our experience on the Grecian Red Beach, our Ecuadorean Red Beach attire was not much classier. When it comes to dressing for an eight day Galápagos Islands tour, here is my packing advice:

1. Two Bathing Suits

2. Rashguard (or dry fit top) – for how much time you will be in the sun, this is a must, regardless of whether or not you are working towards a tan

3. Two pairs of shoes – water shoes and hiking shoes

4. One pair of long pants – help protect your skin from the sun when you have had too much exposure and mosquitos during the evening

5. Three tops

6. One dry lounging outfit (dress/romper)

7. Sunscreen and bug spray/lotion

And really, that is all you need. You quickly become friends with everyone on your cruise, and everyone is exhausted by the end of the day, so there is no need for the pomp and circumstance that I imagine most cruises have during dining hours. Also, since you are doing so many land and water visits, usually when we would return from each excursion, we would change into our dry lounging outfits, and then leave the recent outfit out to dry and just rotate out outfits based on the activity. Also, if you have long hair, be prepared, because your hair will be constantly wet.

Galápagos Islands Rabída    Galápagos Islands Rabída

Galápagos Islands Rabída

Our final day on the Floreana started and ended very early. We began by circling an uninhabited island around sunrise and then concluded Day 8  by docking the boat in the Santa Cruz (where we started the journey) harbor around 8:30am.

I adored Rabída Island, the Floreana, the crew and most importantly the friends we made during the trip. We were quite the international bunch, representing Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Germany, Israel and the USA. I will never forget this experience. Thank you to the Floreana for taking Ryan and I on this adventure and I look forward to hearing about others’ Galápagos Islands experience.


We are currently in Santiago, Chile, follow along here!

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    • I know! It was fun taking the pictures and seeing the vibrant colors show up on the camera screen! Thats when you know you’ve captured a good photo, when you can tell on the tiny camera screen!

    • Thank you Naomi! I never knew how beautiful a red beach could be! Gapalagos is definitely worth a visit one day! Also, loving your PCH series!

  1. What a gorgeous place and a great experience. Looks like you are enjoying traveling the world.

    P.S. Pleasure having you part of my birthday post today, Chelsea!

    • Haha, glad to know I was not the only one constantly feeling damp. It made me want to chop all my hair off!

  2. Oh that looks so lovely! It sounds as though you’ve had an amazing time and it’s so lovely that you’ve got to know such a diverse range of people.

    Emily x

    • Thank you Liz! When you decided to go to Galapagos, definitely let me know and I am happy to pass along my wisdom!

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