Galápagos Island Sambrero Chino

Day 4 in the Galápagos Islands brought us to Sombrero Chino (Chinese Hat) Island and Santa Cruz Island. By far, visiting Sombrero Chino was my favorite experience while in the Galápagos Islands. Chinese Hat is located off the coast of Santiago, which I highlighted in yesterday’s post, and named for its unique shape, similar to a sombrero. Specifically, I loved our snorkeling expeditions. The water was as clear as a swimming pool, but unlike a swimming pool, which if filled with wildlife, it is usually gross and dead, snorkeling Chinese Hat was like being in an aquarium. Literally. I mean look at the video below!

Galápagos Island Sambrero Chino

Like I said above, the water off the coast of Chinese Hat has the most beautiful turquoise hue and was so clear, enabling us to see sharks, sea lions, penguins, and rays. When land based we were privileged enough to meet a few infant sea lions lounging in the shallow waters waiting for their moms’ to bring them lunch. They were the sweetest little creatures, who really do not care for personal space. I loved how they would just lounge on top of each other. Actually, this was something I noticed for all the Galápagos Islands wildlife. They love to be lounging directly on top of their peers.

Galápagos Island Sambrero Chino

After visiting Chinese Hat, we made our way to Fernandina Island, specifically Punta Espinoza. I will go into detail tomorrow about Fernandina Island, but today, I want to focus on the Flightless Cormorants. These elegant water birds zip and dive into the water without any problems, but when it comes to flying, nope. The Flightless Cormorants illustrate the power of evolution on Galápagos. Once birds that could fly, now are land and water based with these tiny little wings.

Galápagos Island Fernandina    Galápagos Island Fernandina

Galápagos Island Fernandina

We are now midway through out Galápagos Islands cruise. I am excited to share my last two posts of Fernandina and Rabída Islands with you. The photos turned out beautiful.


We are currently in Santiago, Chile, follow along here!

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  1. Once again, it all looks amazing! Those seals are absolutely adorable. I wish the sea water was that clear here!!

    Carry on enjoying yourself and making me jealous :)

    Emily x

    • Thank you Emily. How do you feel now a few days into your medical school decision? I hope you are still feeling 100%!

    • Haha, yep! The fish made me feel like I am on the set of Nemo (you know, if that was possible haha!).

  2. Looks awesome, love the pictures! Were you able to get that close to the animals or is it just zoom?? I can’t show this to my husband, he will want to schedule our next trip here immediately and we already have too many trips in the works!

    Pink Wings

    • Hi Gina! No zoom required when In Galápagos! The wildlife is so close. Other than needing to be respectful of their space, you can essentially get as close as you want! It really is incredible.

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