Flightfox: Finding the Cheapest Flight


You know how there are dates in your life that you never forget?

Well, on April 4, 2014, I got into a terrible accident. It was an accident that does not need to be shared here, but the outcome of the accident forced me to realize something we all know too well – life is short, do what you love. So, that is what I am doing. On April 6, 2015, almost a year to the day of my accident, Ryan and I left on an adventure of a lifetime and I am so excited to transition the blog from primarily fashion to include travel. Not to say that I am abandoning the fashion piece, but since I will be carrying my life on my back for five months, that does not really allow for an array of shoes and accessories. So bear with me.

We started our journey in Ecuador almost two weeks ago and will end in Croatia. Are you ready to follow along? Do you have any questions? Well, here is one question I had when we started planning…

Q: How do you plan all your flights for a 5 month journey and ensure you are getting the best deal?

A: Flightfox

If you have not already heard about Flightfox, I am so excited to introduce you to this Australian turned Silicon Valley based start-up. Ryan and I first used Flightfox a few years ago to book a trip to Alaska. At the time, the most inexpensive flight we could find was $800. Not a lot, but who would not want to find a flight a little cheaper? So we tried out Flightfox. We created an account, listed out our desired destination, and watched as several flight experts proposed different itineraries. 24 hours later, we had selected a winning itinerary and with that had a suggested flight carrier, dates (we were flexible in order to find the cheapest fare) and a flight that cost $550! In order to get the entire booking details, we then paid our flight expert a nominal finders fee in comparison to the savings we received.

So when planning this five month adventure, we knew we had to use Flightfox. The site has changed slightly over the years, the biggest change being a shift from the contest based itineraries to matching you with a flight expert, but the incredible savings have stayed constant. Without Flightfox, I am not sure how we would have been able to afford this trip!

Q: What does nominal fee mean?

A: It varies.

The finders fee varies based on the complexity of the itinerary and the number of people you will be booking for. Our five month trip Flightfox fee was $175, and we each saved thousands on our flights in comparison to what Kayak was recommending. Also, the flight experts do not work on commission, so you know you are getting the best deal and their best suggested itinerary. Money well spent.

Q: Which expert did you work with?

A: Alex!

Privately I refer to him as the “Amazing Alex,” because when Ryan woke me up at 2am to tell me Alex had gotten back to him with our flights and told me how much we saved, all I could do was marvel at his magic! So, thank you Alex, for making this trip trip a reality and for finding the cheapest flights!


We are currently in the Galapagos Islands, follow along here!

LocationLOCATION: Galápagos Islands