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Dress: Gilt; Jacket: Ralph Lauren; Shoes: Ann Taylor; Earrings: Banana Republic; Sunglasses: Prada; Bracelets: Stella¨ Watch: Michele

So, this denim jacket. It has a long history with me. My mom and I originally bought this jacket when I was in 5th grade! Yes, you read that correctly, 5th grade. It was not meant to be cropped, the sleeves originally reached my wrists! I wore this jacket to death during my elementary school and middle school days. Just loved it. Then, somehow, it was hung up in my closet and forgotten about until I was a freshman in college. I remember seeing it in the back of  my childhood closet and thinking, “hmm, I wonder what this would look like on…” and well, I loved the cropped fit. So, my beloved denim jacket circa 2000 made it back into my normal clothing rotation. So like this beautiful water fall in Golden Gate Park, this denim jacket is also a hidden gem.


We are currently in the Galapagos Islands, follow along with us on instagram!

LocationLOCATION: San Francisco

    • Thank you Tori! The trip is going really well so far…only casualty has been my scalp, somehow my part got SO sunburned, so no more visors for me, all about the hats that cover my entire head haha!

    • Thank you Anna. I wish my hair could hold as beautiful of a curl as your hair does, but sadly it cannot, so I just stick to braiding.

  1. I wasn’t wearing glasses, I thought the jacket was $38 and when we went to pay for it, it was more like $78! But you really wanted it and we got it for you. I’m glad we got our money’s worth. Lol. You do look lovely.

    • I very much remember this shopping outing and I definitely think, we got our money’s worth 😉 Cannot necessarily say that for all that LimitedToo crap we bought haha

    • Yep! I definitely keep things and never let them go. I was/am a little bit of a crazy person when it comes to taking care of my clothes. I really like to buy things and keep them forever…this jacket is a prime example haha!

    • Thank you Melanie! So far the trip has been so much fun. Definitely learning a lot about how to travel and blog at the same time. It is definitely amazing though how available internet can be (but also how sloooooow it can be!).

    • Thank you Lindsey! Similar to you, I love finding good thrifted items, even if its just from inside my closet, from the 5th grade haha!

  2. Beautiful outfit as always! You’d never tell that your jacket isn’t brand new – it looks perfect with that dress. Can’t wait to get caught up with all of you posts and see where you’re up to on your travels!

    Emily x

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