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Jacket: Gap (similar here); Top: Banana Republic (similar here & here); Skirt: Banana Republic; Purse: Vintage; Sunglasses: Amazon; Shoes: Madewell (similar here); Earrings: Banana Republic

I know I have been gushing about Golden Gate Park lately, but really, its justified. The park is absolutely stunning. To level set, I have met people who have said, “DC does happy hours well,” “New York does everything well,” well, San Francisco does parks well. Whenever there is a hot day in the city, we as San Franciscans flock to the nearest park, typically Dolores or Gold Gate Park.

Golden Gate park was originally built as a west coast rival of Central Park in the 1860s. Starting as a bleak sand dune, the park was quickly transformed into a usable area by the 1870s. Little know fact, the Park has buffalo and bison! The first bison to roam Golden Gate Park was in 1890 and were transported from Wyoming. The cow was named Sarah Bernhardt, while the bull was called Ben Harrison.  So if you get the chance to visit Golden Gate Park, go and visit Sarah and Ben’s descendants.


We are currently in the Galapagos Islands, follow along with us on instagram!

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    • Thank you Alecz! The trip is going well really. I am so surprised how accessible wi-fi is (even on the Galapagos Islands!), but its super slooow. SO it is nice to be on the mainland again and be able to get caught up on what I missed. I loved your recent post with the teal skirt! Great outfit!

    • Thank you Hannah! I personally think leopard can go with anything, so I wear it with everything haha! Hope you give it a try!

  1. Lovely outfit, as always! I really really like the jacket (*reaches for credit card*).

    San Francisco looks beautiful; I’m going to have to arrange a trip to the US ASAP! I’ve never been before so I definitely need to save up some £££s and hop on a plane.

    I hope you’re having an amazing time on your trip (the Instagram pics are wonderful)!

    Emily x

    • Thank you Emily. Well, it goes without saying, if you come to SF, you better email me. I can either show you around or give you a list of must see things to do! I have loved building a little cyber friendship with you!

    • Thank you Melanie. Banana has quite a few similar styles in stores right now, and I am sure it is 40% off (they are always on sale haha!).

    • Thank you Kirsten. I loved your most recent post on Collaborating. It was well said and articulated! Thank you for sharing!

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