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Dress: Maeve; Jacket: Anthropologie (old); Shoes: Manolo Blahnik; Sunglasses: Prada; Earrings: Banana Republic

Well, Easter is fast approaching and I am counting down the days until I get to eat sweets again! But I cannot decided whether I am more excited to eat sweets on Sunday or wear this Anthropologie dress I just picked up. I am kind of obsessed with the stripes and the colorful waist detailing. Anyways, I think its pretty neck and neck on which I am more excited about between the sweets and dress. So I have started plotting which sweet I will eat first. It will either be a Cadbury Cream egg, or a Peep. Any opinions? Anyways, hope everyone is able to make it home for the holiday and enjoy a restful weekend.


LocationLOCATION: San Francisco

  1. I am also obsessing over stripes lately. I can’t enough. I absolutely adore this dress, love how they added a little belt at the waist. Very cute outfit

    • Thank you Melissa! I am right there with you regarding my love of stripes. I would really like to meet someone who does not like stripes…I would like to know their reasoning.

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