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Sweater; Anthropologie; Skirt: JCrew (eBay); Scarf: JCrew (eBay); Shoes: Manolo Blahnik; Earrings: Kate Spade; Sunglasses: Prada; Bracelet:

Okay, so funny story about this sweater. Whenever I wear it, I have to consciously choose to not bring a jacket. Why? Because if I did, it would be COVERED in pink fuzz from this fluffy sweater, which leaves a trail of fuzz everywhere I wear it, like a Hansel and Gretel status trail. This one time I was changing in a bathroom stall and when I left, there was a flurry of pink fuzz floating inside the stall. All I could do was laugh (and walk away quickly). Despite knowing this sweater sheds like there is no tomorrow, I love it. Its so soft and warm. However, I did not realize it was fuzzy enough to rub off on other people. Let me explain.

One morning this lady on the packed bus was leaning on my shoulder. I absolutely HATE when people lean on me while on public transit (or stand butt to butt with you, like really people, can’t we stagger?) but anyways, she was leaning on me, and I was inwardly seething. Then her stop came, and as she was walking away, I could see all this pink fuzz on the arm of her jacket from leaning on me. Ha! That is what you get for leaning on me stranger-a bunch of pink fuzz! This was my beta version of the glitter bomb. You’re welcome.

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  1. Such a great spring look! The flounce skirt from J.Crew is one of my all-time favorites – so much that I own it in every color. I love it paired with the pinks and patterns in the scarf. Lovely! XO


    • Hi Anna! Thank you for the thoughtful comment. I had seen the scarf hanging in my roommate’s closet and since then, I had been itching to create an outfit with the scarf and skirt. Such fun bright colors. Also, I adored your latest post. Thank you for introducing me to a new designer :)

    • Thank you Carmen! Isnt neon the best? Also the J. Crew skirt is on eBay for a great deal! I have the skirt in this neon color, navy and white and I am obsessed. I have had them for about a year and still like them as much as I did last year!

  2. HHAHA. I hate when people invade my personal space even a touch so I just had a mini panic attack imagining someone leaning on you! Ick. Anyways that’s awesome your sweater pretty much got revenge on her. Hopefully she was without a lint roller too! Love these colors together – they are SO fun

    • OMG Madaline! I love you for your comment! And SO happy I have a kindred spirit in personal space! I now think I will keep a lint roller at my desk just in case!

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