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Dress: Diane von Furstenberg; Shoes: Gap (similar here); Bracelets: Stella¨ Earrings: Banana Republic

A few weeks ago I saw the movie, DUFF, the movie was mediocre but what I did love were the previews before the movie. The preview that looked most enticing was the Age of Adeline, starring Blake Lively. Her hair styles in this movie are stunning. So the inspiration for my hair style in this post was from Blake Lively’s messy fishtail braid in the movie and a look she has worn several times. I adore her long, luxurious hair and I finally realized that after years of wishing for my hair to hold a curl, I needed to embrace what my hair can do well, and that is braid. So after watching a few tutorials, I was able to execute “the messy fishtail braid.” Here is how I approached the technique:

Messy Fishtail Braid:

1. Split hair into two sections, tie off one side to one side of the head.

2. Split the remaining hair into two sections (a front and back section). For the front section, create a normal fishtail braid. For the back section, create another fishtail braid.

3. Once you have completed braiding two fishtails, bobby pin the braids together. Some of the bobby pins will show, but that is okay.

4. Pull the final section of hair over to the braided side and create one last, messy fishtail. This section is intended to act as the anchor for the other two braids. Bobby pin the three braids together.

5. Hair spray, and your look is complete (and fingers crossed you do not have a windy day or your messy braid will become really messy, really fast!).

I will try to put together a step-by-step tutorial of this soon!

Photos: Shannon Hamilton


LocationLOCATION: San Francisco

    • Thank you Alicia! Also, the shoes are actually really comfortable and I can walk in them for a pretty long time considering they are heels!

    • Hi Abby! Thank you! I only wish it had not been so windy when I was walking to meet my friend, otherwise my hair might not have looked so windblown hahah!

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