Jumpsuits in the Park





Jumpsuit: AmbianceSF; Earrings: Etsy; Bracelet: JCrew; Shoes: Christian Louboutin; Sunglasses: Prada

Yeah, that post title does not make much sense to me either…but anyways. Lets just take a minute to think about jumpsuits…and okay, minutes up. Now where were we? When I started my career in corporate retail, my first department was in infant clothing, specifically, the 0-24 month world. Jumpsuits, aka bodysuits, and one-pieces, were my bread and butter. Literally, could not keep them on the shelves. Whether it was a value one-piece or a special body-double (google this concept, it is adorable!), our customer loved them from us. So I got a little curious. If this is such a coveted silhouette for the kiddos, then this has to be comfortable for adults and well…it is. Obviously, this is no novel idea, but to me, it was. Only bummer is that when you are a baby, you always have someone with you to help zip and unzip you. As an adult, well, you are on your own.


PS: Thank you to my roommate Lauren for lending me this adorable jumpsuit :)

LocationLOCATION: San Francisco

    • Thank you! I had never really worn a jumpsuit before this one, so I was excited to find out how much I actually liked the look!

  1. That classic and modern black jumpsuit looks divine on you Ms. Chelsea. The statement turquoise earrings were great to add on. =)

    Have a Great Tuesday, Love!

  2. Agree! I have this cute little summery shorts jumpsuit, however, unlike a baby’s onesie which has snaps at the crotch, I literally had to unbutton, then untie the waist and strip it completely off every time I needed to pee. “Style before comfort” did not win in this case! :-)


    • Hi Taylor!

      Thank you for inviting me to your link up! I have added my most recent post. I loved exploring your blog today, I think my favorite tab is the “Dallas Hotspots!” My grandmother lives in Fort Worth, so I have spent most of my time exploring Fort Worth, but next time I visit, I will have to check out some of your suggestions. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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