Waterfall Fishtail French Braid








Dress: Zara; Belt: Vintage; Shoes: BCBG Generation; Watch: Michele; Bracelet: Stella¨ Sunglasses: Prada; Earrings: Banana Republic

This outfit post has so many things that I want to gush about. Starting with these shoes. As someone who has eyed the Valentino Rock Stud heels for months, I finally pulled the trigger…on this look-alike pair. For a cool $69.99, I was able to buy a great pair of Valentino replicas and still have a $1000 to spend on, I do not know, rent maybe. Anyways, these BCBG Generation heels are the real deal and I am in love! If you are anything like me, and love the Valentino heels, then get this pair and save yourself selling your kidney on the black market.

The second thing I want to highlight in this post is my braid! I have been following Missy Sue’s blog for months now but never really found the time to test out one of her braids. So one morning, I started giving this waterfall fishtail french braid a try. Three days later, I had the look mastered (mastered might be a strong word, but still, I was able to execute the braid!). Missy Sue has amazing tutorials and I adore her teaching style! What do you think of the braid?


LocationLOCATION: San Francisco

  1. Thanks for the link to the tutorial! The fishtail braid has always seemed so intimidating to do. Also, I recommend Sole Society. They’ve got a few Valentino-esque styles. 😉

  2. I agree, I love the dress (striped delicious, the hair (fishtail is a tough one hit great job but those shoes!) I l ve them! I thought for sure they were Valentino.GORGEOUS! Can’t wait to borrow them. Ha!

    • Thank you :) I promise you can borrow them shortly and use them as much as you like for the next 5 months! I only wish I could give them to you before you go to Canada, but then again, ice, heels and knowing both of us, it might be a bad idea :)

  3. This look is gorgeous! I was eying this dress at Zara when it first came out, but I reasoned that I have too many striped dresses already. Now I just might have to go out and get it! Lovely pictures too!

    • Hi Katie!

      I would say you can never have too many stripes! I love this Zara dress, but there is an element of me thinking, “do I look like I just escaped from Alcatraz?” Anyways, thank you for stopping by :)

    • Thank you Marta! It has been so much fun learning these new braids. I am always jealous of your perfect curls! I wish my hair could hold a curl every once and a while!

  4. That is another gorgeous braid. Is there a tutorial coming soon? =)

    I am in love with the dress also. It is fit+flare and B+W stripes, two things I love. The gold belt looks perfect with it.

    Enjoy this week, Chelsea!

    • Hi Ada,

      Yes, I really do want to pull together a tutorial for the look. It is just hard to find the perfect white background! Oh the things we think of as bloggers!

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