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Top: Gap; Jeans: JCrew; Sweater: Missoni (eBay); Shoes: Soles; Watch: Nixon; Sunglasses: Prada

Over the past three and a half years my appreciation for wine has grown tremendously. A fact that I am very proud of considering three and a half years ago, I did not even drink wine. Think of all those years of wasted opportunities! But I guess I legally have only been able to drink for five years, so really there cannot have been that many wasted opportunities, right?

Anyways, my opinion about wine changed upon meeting our good friend Andrew my first year working. I think the first time I met Andrew, Ryan had invited me to join him and a few coworkers for happy hour. Of course we went to a wine bar called Press Club. I remember sitting with Andrew and just chatting about random things and then we landed on the topic of wine. Basically, Andrew is wine’s biggest fan. After confessing I did not know much about wine, Andrew started inviting Ryan and I to tag along on his wine pick up party adventures. This was probably one of my favorite pick up parties!

For this outing pictured above, we bounced around Healdsburg ending at Copain and really, after Copain, we did not need to go anywhere else. We sat outside, enjoying the view, warm weather and good company! I highly recommend this winery!


LocationLOCATION: Healdsberg

  1. These pictures came out incredible! I’m so interested in hearing more about your story! I didn’t want the post to end! Looks like such an incredible time full of delicious wine!

    xo Robin

    • Thank you Robin. After reading your post, I went back and updated my story. Thank you for the call out that my story was only half told :)

    • Right?! I wish I could say that I was sophisticated enough to treat wine tasting as an art. I just love wine and that is all I need to know. Where did you go wine tasting?

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