How to get the Perfect Bun


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I know bun donuts are not a new phenomenon, but for me, my bun donut is my go to look for every occasion! Herehere and here are some examples of when I have worn a bun donut.

So, how to get the perfect bun?

1. Start with day old hair.

2. Pull your hair into a high ponytail. To get a high ponytail, I usually lay on the edge of my bed, with my head hanging off, to get a perfect high ponytail (my cousin Rachael taught me this trick when we were like 7 years old!). I usually use two hair ties to secure the hair in place.

3. Then loop the hair through the bun donut.

4. Wrap your hair around the donut.

5. Secure with another hair tie and bobby pins.

6. Hairspray all the wispy pieces of hair

Ta-da, you have the perfect bun! Do not hesitate to ask any questions if you need help!

Photos: Danielle Balderas


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    • Hi Pamela!

      Yes, keep trying! When I was first learning, the bun definitely came out pretty bad. I remember being in the bathroom, getting so frustrated and had SO many broken pieces of hair at my feet (I really should have been more gentle!). But after many times of practice, I finally figured it out :) Let me know if you end up trying it again!

    • Hi Linda,

      I have never successfully been about to roll my hair into the bun donut, do you have any tips or tricks to do this? Usually my hair is on the longer end of the spectrum and my arms get tired holding it up! So I usually give up on the rolling technique, but I would love your advice!


  1. The looks simple enough for me to try! I am always looking for ways to break out of my classic hair styles.

    xx gabriella

    • Hi Gabriella! Yes definitely try out the hairstyle. I love it and its so quick and easy! You will have to let me know how it turns out.

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