Valentine’s Day Fashion





Dress: Modcloth; Jacket: Zara (old, but like this one!); Shoes: Kate Spade; Sunglasses: Prada; Earrings: Etsy; Watch: Michele; Shoes: Christian Louboutin

So, I know some people are not into Valentine’s Day and that is totally fine. I get it. Unfortunately, the love of my life, is one of those people. Additionally, his work schedule has been so hectic over the years and completely unpredictable. So, rather than wait it out and see if Ryan could leave work at a normal hour, I decided to create my own tradition.

I made a decision to spend Valentine’s Day doing something on my own. Usually that encompasses sneaking out of work early to watch a cheesy Nicholas Sparks movie (saw Safe Haven one year, another year I saw Winter’s Tale-all terrible movies btw) in the early afternoon, eat popcorn and then buy myself some sort of treat. It is a win-win. I do not spend the day waiting around hoping Ryan will be free, and I celebrate my own independence, something this is vital to making me happy in the long run.

So that’s my story. I am sticking to it. Happy Valentine’s Day!


PS: This year…I think I might see 50 Shades of Grey… I wonder if it will be as bad as my last three years of movies, or if it will buck the V-Day trend. TBD.

LocationLOCATION: San Francisco

  1. Love, love the dress. The neckline is gorgeous on you. It’s very sophisticated and romantic. I love Modcloth. Very nice quality. It looks really sumptuous on you.

    • It was actually pretty good. Considering how terrible the writing was in the books, I think the movie did a good job. IDK its a ridiculous fantasy story, and really that is all I got out of it.

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