A few weekends ago, we celebrated my beautiful friend Annie’s 30th birthday, hence the post title, #AnniesCandyLand. This clever party (all a surprise!) was organized by our friend Sarah, from Snixy Kitchen. Sarah organized a perfect “candybar crawl” for Annie’s birthday and the party was the perfect combination of celebration, indulgence and good company.

Our first stop on the candy crawl was Papabubble in Hayes Valley. Papabubble is an artisan candy shop and from the moment we walked in, I knew I was in for a treat (pun intended). I mean, can we take a minute to marvel at how large that lollipop is that Annie is holding? Gigantic! Best surprise, the owners were kind enough to give us a full candy lesson so we could take our own (mini) lollipop home!

First direction for the lollipops: pick our colors…any guesses what I chose?




Oh, okay, I will tell you, I chose to make my lollipop UC Berkeley colors, because, well, we were all super original and decided to go with school colors and I had to represent. Go Bears!

After the lollipops, we were taught how to make these small hard candies. One of the most amazing aspects to these hard candies were the intricate designs they were able to put into them. Ranging from kiwis, to hearts, to oranges, and mini pineapples, seriously, how do they do it?



Watching our candy extraordinaire chop the large candy sticks into those tiny, bite size pieces was absolutely mesmerizing.

Our second stop on our candy crawl was Littlejohn’s Candies and my, oh, my, do they have delicious fudge! However, by the time we made it to Littlejohn’s Candies, I was starting to feel the affects of all the sugar I had recently consumed. I felt like a little kid buzzing around from all the delicious treats I had consumed. So, due to my inability to pace myself, I chose to sit out from the photo taking process at Littlejohn’s. I needed a few minutes to regroup. Do not judge please.

Jumping to our third stop, Miette! I really cannot get over how photogenic macaroons are and well, delicious.



All photos: Sarah and Lucas from Snixy Kitchen

Our last and final stop on Annie’s candy crawl was her adorable apartment. Annie’s husband, Justine, and Sarah, had prepped the house with more beautiful surprises. There were balloons, confetti and an adorable photo booth. Really, from start to finish, this was such a thoughtful birthday party. Happy birthday sweet Annie, and looking forward to celebrating many more birthdays to come.


LocationLOCATION: San Francisco

    • Thanks Julie! It is such a fun idea. I really wish I had come up with the idea haha! You are welcome to steal the idea for your next birthday!

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