Tahoe Weekend Essentials

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As much as I love exploring SF on the weekends, I love jumping in the car with Ryan and heading pretty much any direction, knowing somewhere exciting is always waiting. You have Napa and Sonoma to the north, Santa Cruz, Carmel, and Monterey (and that really fancy Taco Bell) to the south, and Tahoe to the east (don’t forget the outlets!). And this year, I am excited to finally say, I am going to Tahoe! Hip, hip, hooray! I am not really sure how I have lived in the Bay Area and not made it to Tahoe, (but do not fear, I have made it half way to the outlets many times!) but I am finally going!

So now onto the packing. Aside from the fact that I really hate packing, I know one thing I will need and it has been inspired by Ryan. He has been obsessed with his light weight down jacket since he got one for his birthday last year, and after months of borrowing his, I think its time to buy my own and Tahoe is the perfect excuse for this new purchase! I love the down jacket from Fjallraven and the fact that it is cherry red helps! However, one place I do not want to be cherry red, is my face. So it is a must that I pack my trusty Kiss My Face sunscreen. I have been using this sunscreen for years and it has been my fair skin’s savior on many occasions. And lastly, oh how could I forget, the trendy Fitbit. I do not own one as of this very second, but it seems like everyone around me has one, so really, why do I need one? But I doubt this train of thought will last much longer now that I know there are multiple color choices (definitely is a game changer!). -Chelsea

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    • We are finding more and more reasons we should be friends in real life too :) and good thing a toothbrush is an easy replacement!

  1. This is why I love the bay area so much! There are so many fun weekend trips in just about any direction! Tahoe is my favorite– there isn’t a ton of snow up there right now, but when I was in high school we would go at least once a winter, and it would be packed with snow. I’m crossing my fingers that next winter we will get a little more snow!!! How such an amazing time! Also, you should go in the summer– it is so pretty!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

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