Why I Wear Vintage

Why I Wear Vintage

Why I Wear Vintage

Why I Wear Vintage

Sweater: Banana Republic; Jeans: AG; Coat: Vintage (inherited from Mimi); Shoes: Manolo Blahnik; Hat: Nasty Gal (similar here); Sunglasses: Prada

I have two answers to this post title, “why I wear vintage,” but before I can get to my two reasons I must share a long story with you first! Bear with me, this story does have a point. I bought my 8th grade promotion dress at Windsor. Anyone else buy their promotion dress at Windsor? Well, anyways, I LOVED that dress. I arrived at the dance, so excited to find my friends, only to discover I was not the only one who loved my black fit and flare ponte dress with bright pink tulle underneath. Six other girls had the same dress. I was so uncomfortable (probably cried a little). I called my parents to come bring me something different so I could change. Luckily, my parents were home and brought me a different dress and all was good. I danced my little heart out that night because I was heading to high school!

After that “B*!ch stole my look” (dramatic, I know) experience, I started moving toward vintage pieces to make sure that I was the only one wearing that special piece.

So, why wear vintage?

1. You will have something original

2. If it has lasted this long, it will continue to last and be a timeless piece

In these photos, I am wearing a coat from my grandmother from the 1960s. I adore this jacket and its delicate details. Its spring palette along with the sparkle of the buttons make this a coat for the ages and I look forward to the day I can pass it down to my daughter.

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Also I was featured on Links a La Mode on Independent Fashion Bloggers!


What do you do when your eyeshadow breaks? How do you NOT take an outfit photo? How do you take care of your nails? How to you add a little edge to your style? The serious questions when it comes to fashion. Well, ok, still very IMPORTANT. This week we have a great roundup of interesting links informing us all those little things you didn’t even know you really needed to know.

Links à la Mode: January 22nd

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    • Thank you Alecz! I am glad it made you smile. I can definitely laugh about it now, but back then, omg, the amount of tears!

  1. I think we can all relate to your promotion dress story. To us, vintage means classic and chic, and that’s exactly what you exude in these pictures, wearing your grandma’s stunning coat. Fabulous!

    XOXO N & N

  2. Thank you for commenting on Style Nudge’s Just Because series today! I’m so glad you did because you both have a great blog! I love that you incorporate vintage pieces into your outfits. My favorite thing to do! And, I have to say the pink hat and coat are absolutely stunning!


  3. I love your glam Russian take on Winter Style. I wish there were some vintage stores around here. Your outerwear (all of it) is beautiful. I wish to have a hat like that in chocolate brown. =)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday, also. 😉

    Happy Weekend Chelsea!!

  4. Chelsea I’m so glad I found you via the #passion4fashion link up – this outfit is just incredible – I want to look like this!!!!! I love vintage too, I’m building up quite a collection of vintage dresses and agree with you 100% on your reasons for wearing it. Love the fact that you changed your dress for another one on the night!

    I’m also very envious of you living in San Francisco (I went there on holiday a few years ago and LOVED it)… if you ever want to swap for England just let me know ;)))

    Catherine x

    • Thank you Catherine! I think every American would love to switch places and have a beautiful British accent. I have a lot of family in England and Ireland and I would gladly switch! You also live in a beautiful place :) Also thank you for your kind words! I really cannot get over that you are “the” Catherine from Not Dressed as a Lamb! I am just giddy!

      • HOW much have you made my day, Chelsea? Bless you, I’m so flattered… I’m just sorry I hadn’t found your blog before!! All sorted now, new blog friend just made. :) xx

    • I totally know what you mean Kelly! Sometimes going into Vintage stores can be so overwhelming but when you find a gem, it all feels worth it!

  5. […] I love sharing a deliciously cooked meal (even if I have to sit at the kids table) with my family, especially when it has been meticulously prepared by the one and only Mimi. For those of you who may not know, Mimi is my grandmother and one of my best friends. She has a vibrancy for life unmatched by many and I strive to be like her everyday. Not to mention I try to look like her too with my recent adoption of several articles of her clothing. Here is one of my favorite pieces. […]

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