Washington Square Park





Sweater: Madewell; Puffer Coat: Cole Haan; Jeans: Joe’s; Sunglasses: Prada; Boots: Old (Bought in Buenos Aires)

OMG. The day we took these photos, we saw Julia Stiles. Yes, the 90s girl in me is jumping up and down! Come on people, 10 Things I Hate About You, Save the Last Dance and then more currently, Dexter! OMG, all I wanted to do was go say hi. But, do not worry, I played it cool (by basically switching sides of the table with Ryan so I would not stare at her). I could tell she was not really in the mood to be bothered by a gaggling fan like me but it was still really cool to have a celebrity sighting while exploring the East Village. Side story. I texted my friend to share/gloat that I was eating lunch next to Julia Stiles in the East Village and I accidentally wrote, “Easy Village,” instead of “East Village.” My friend replied, “No pun intended with her show!” I did not realize that in her next show, “Blue,” Julia Stiles plays an escort. Freudian slip?

After our glorious run in with Julia (because we are on first name basis now), Ryan and I walked from the East Village to Washington Square Park. We took a few pit stops to warm up, and eventually landed at this cool bar, Arts and Crafts Beer Parlor, for a beer and a glass of wine. Oh wine, how I enjoyed thee while on vacation aaaaannnd thank goodness for stretchy pants! #amiright?


LocationLOCATION: New York City

  1. Oh I love Julia Stiles!! The Borne series too! I would have been total fan girl as well! Love your pictures, you have such a lovely blog! :)

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