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I had mentioned a few months back that our good friends Ellen and Quinn got married. Ryan and I had wanted to take them out to celebrate but it took us a while to get our act together to plan an evening out. By the time we picked our date, we had many reasons to celebrate (promotions, marriages and birthdays!). So we really wanted to make the night special. Ellen picked the restaurant (and surprised us by paying for dinner!) and I was in charge of selecting a place for drinks. Enter Tablelist– the Uber and Lyft of party planning. I had heard about the app, but I had not tried it. So when Tablist reached out to me, our evening out with Ellen and Quinn seemed like a perfect night to give it a try.




I mean, who does not LOVE champagne?



Tablelist features:

  1. Clear pricing
  2. Detailed info about every club in the city
  3. In-app bill splitting! HOORAY! No one person is stuck with the bill when paying for a larger group!


Thank you Tablelist for a wonderful evening out! If you want to give Tablelist a try, use the code GINGERSIDEOFLIFE for $50 off your first booking!



LocationLOCATION: San Francisco

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