Retro Red







Dress: Vintage (bought at Ultra Betty); Shoes: Manolo Blahnik; Earrings: Vintage; Purse: Vintage; Bracelets: Stella&Dot, SR66 SF; Rings: SR66 SF

Hmmm “Retro Red.” Its true for two reasons. First, I bought this dress from this tiny vintage shop in Old Town Torrance called Ultra Betty. The dress is from the 1950s and from the first day I put it on, I knew this would be a piece for life. Little did I know how true this would be. I originally bought this dress to wear to my junior prom. I remember my mom and I having a moment when we stumbled across this dress. Now, if only I could find photos from my prom night, this post would just be that much better. Unfortunately, they are locked away on my “Myspace,” that I only used for about two months, and have now promptly forgotten my username, password and the email associated with the account. SOOO sadly those photos are gone but the dress and friendships from prom remain. I think my favorite reaction to wearing this dress was from my best friend’s older sister, (which she is now my friend too, but back then, she was just this beautiful “older sister” that I desperately wished was mine too), texted me when she saw photos from my cousin’s wedding asking, “are you wearing your prom dress?” Yes.Yes, I am wearing my prom dress.

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The first photo is of the beautiful Catholic Church Brianne and Steve said their vows in. Brianne and I grew up together as little water babies. I remember spending so many summer holidays and weekends at the pool in Palm Springs together with our families. It was so hard when Brianne and her family moved from Southern California to Northern California, but as adults we have reconnected! The second photo is with my Dad but maybe you figured that out since we have the exact same coloring. The third photo is of this cool clock, I just liked the red and finally, a photo with my bearded lover. He has been really resistant about me posting photos of him on the blog but I got his permission to post this one.


LocationLOCATION: Sacramento

  1. The red dress is definitely you. You look gorgeous. You’d never know that the dress is 60+years old. Timeless and classic.

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