What to buy while on VACATION?






Top: Bought in Puerto Vallarta; Shorts: Madewell; Shoes: ASOS; Sunglasses: Amazon; Earrings: Banana Republic

While on vacation I always struggle with having self control when it comes to buying souvenirs. I guess the shopper in me takes over and I just want to buy everything but after my run in with the law at customs in LA after returning from Peru (coca and cacao are not interchangeable and WILL get you in trouble  if the mix up the words…trust me), I have come to live by the below four guidelines.

1. CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT: Knick knacks drive me crazy. I used to buy snow globes while traveling and ultimately, this created tons of clutter on my shelves. So after a trip to Nuremberg,Germany, one of the worlds Christmas ornament capitals, I decided this would be the perfect travel souvenir that I could bring home, put away, bring out once a year, admire and then pack away again to be adored the following year.

2. CLOTHES REFLECTIVE OF THE REGION: Hence this embroidered top from Jalisco, Mexico. Other items I have bought include leather boots in Buenos Aires, a colorful backpack in Peru, full outfits from vintage stores in Paris, leather bags in Florence (although be warned, sometimes they will sell you lower quality leather, so be careful) and sunglasses in Indianapolis for the Indy 500.

3. BRACELET: Almost everywhere you travel will have some local type of jewelry that is both classic as well as act as a fond reminder of your trip.

4. PHOTOS: Sometimes, I feel like the photos are more important that anything you can bring back.

Other than that, happy shopping.


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  1. Love this! I always go for the clothing that represents the area and charms for bracelets, though my charm bracelet has become so cluttered that now I buy charms to put on necklaces.

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