Bougainvillea Pink






Top: Free People; Shorts: Gap; Purse: Kate Spade (similar here); Earrings: Banana Republic; Shoes: ASOS; Sunglasses: Prada

Last year, I remember falling in love with this little street. I love how colorful the walls are and how unique each door is! Also at the end of the street is an frozen yogurt place, so that helps. I wore this outfit to breakfast and immediately regretted not wearing my hair up. It was just so hot and humid, I was stifled with hair down but I was determined to make it through breakfast so we could take pictures after. I would say 22 seconds after we finished taking photos, my hair was up in a messy bun. I am always so curious if the really famous bloggers really wear their all out outfits all day long? For me, I can usually make it, but sometimes, like this example included, function trumped fashion as soon as it could. Is that bad to say?

Also today is my Daddio’s birthday! Happy Happy BIRTHDAY to the man who created this beast that loves getting her picture taken. Seriously, dad, what do you think, every minute of my first 5 years of life is well documented? Love you!


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LocationLOCATION: Puerto Vallarta

  1. Thanks for the double happy birthday. So you think its only first 5 years? I would put it at the first 10+ years. I always would say you can spend the 2nd half of your life watching your 1st half. Love you Chelsea keep up the good work on your blog and looking forward to each new outfit.

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