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Beach Cover up: Old Navy; Bag: Mine (c/o)

Yep, I finally finished a book I started last April. It is the light blue hardback book sitting in my bag. I am laughing out of embarrassment that it has taken my months to finish but I just cannot give up on a book, no matter how long it takes me to read it.

Annnnnd now onto something more interesting, THE BEACH. Ryan and I were enjoying lounging in the sand in front of our hotel when we got the idea to take a water taxi 45 minutes south to Yelapa. It is a smaller, more private beach and it was one of the best decision. We thought we were just taking a regular water taxi but it sort of turned into a tour. At first I felt a little mislead because all I wanted to do was have a non-tourist day, but our guide was awesome. Drove the boat through Los Arcos, then once we landed in Yelapa, he showed us the most beautiful (mind you freezing!) waterfall! It was such a wonderful experience. I would completely recommend a water taxi over one of the more expensive tours, because we probably saw everything one of the expensive tours would have shown, for the fraction of the cost, and our group was small.


LocationLOCATION: Puerto Vallarta

  1. I do the same with books, sometimes I will hold onto a book for over a year and pick it back up. Your vacation looks amazing!! I would love to visit Puerto Vallarta one day.

  2. Ahh reading…. I remember it well. Since the little ones I struggle to get through a book in a year, mostly because when I finally fall into bed I can only manage half a page before I’m asleep! Lovely cover-up and sounds like that tour was fabulous. Thanks for linking up at #AllAboutYou :)

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