Lobster Red






Dress: Anthropologie (eBay!); Shoes: Gap; Sunglasses: Amazon; Earrings: Banana Republic

Well thankfully this post title is not referring to my skin after our second full day in Puerto Vallarta!

I have had this Anthropologie dress for a few years now and absolutely love the “cheeky” print. Ryan’s favorite lame joke to make every time I wear this is that we should go to Red Lobster. Anyways, I had the dress shortened last summer because the length was just a little bit frumpy and I am so glad I did! Much more flattering and a little less fabric goes a long way. Anyways, we took these photos on the main street of Old Vallarta (aka Zona Romantica). I love the charm and vibrance of the street. The colors are so bright, the plants so lush and everyone is so happy to be dining outside. The block also gave me a very New Orleans vibe, which is another reason why I probably love this stretch of the street.


LocationLOCATION: Puerto Vallarta

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