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Dress: Mirror of Venus (eBay); Shoes: Kate Spade; Bracelets: Stella & Dot; Watch: Michele; Earrings: Banana Republic; Purse: Chanel (vintage); Lipstick: Chanel

Have you been to San Francisco’s City Hall yet? Visiting City Hall had been on my SF bucket list since I moved here, so when Shannon asked if I was up to helping her prep for a City Hall wedding that she was shooting on September 5th, I was game. It was a perfect day in the city, and we had so much fun walking around City Hall and taking photos. I mean who does not love getting all “glammed up?” Obviously, I haaaaaate it!

So funny story while taking these photos, and please do not think I am conceited, but I sort of felt like a “D list” celebrity that day. While Shannon and I were taking photos there were all these tourists taking photos of us, taking photos. They were saying really ego boosting things to us. A big change from the cat calling that I have gotten from cars, the Haight Street dwellers interrupting to tell stories of going in for a minor surgery and then getting their kidney stolen and the dogs that have meandered into the photos to pee right in front of me. Yes. All of those things have happened. So, feeling like a star, for just a minute, was nice. Now back to reality. Promise.

photos: Shannon Hamilton



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