VersaSpa Spray tan – our tanning experience & giveaway!


Whether you’re a bronze goddess or a fair-skinned beauty, we can all use a little extra tanning help every once in a while, right? Recently we had the pleasure of trying out a VersaSpa spray tan at the chic Tan Bella salon in SoMa. All in all, we both loved the results. And the best part? You can love your own tanning results too! We’re giving away a free VersaSpa spray tan giftcard to be redeemed anywhere in the US. To enter for a chance to win, register with Bloglovin’ (either with the Bloglovin’ button at the bottom of this post or at and follow Ginger Side of Life. For those who don’t already use Bloglovin’, it’s an easy service that helps you keep up with all your favorite bloggers through simple weekly emails. We will choose one lucky Bloglovin’ follower to receive a free VersaSpa spray tan.

Continue reading to hear more about our tanning experience!

Jess, before and after…



In regards to the VersaSpa spray tan, all I can say is… LOVED IT! Last year I tried my first spray tan for a dear friend’s wedding (risky, I know) and liked the results quite a lot. I must say though, VersaSpa was a step up from my last tan. As you can see from the before and after pictures, the tan came out even and very natural looking which can be hard to achieve when starting with such fair skin. What really made the VersaSpa experience better however was the actually tanning process. Rather than just spraying your front and back heavily, the VersaSpa booth applies four light mists to your skin as you do four different (and hilariously awkward) positions in the booth. If a spray tan mist is too heavy it can make the liquid run on your skin and also make you feel like you can’t breath without choking on tanning mist. VersaSpa’s open door booth and light mist made it so you could not only breath easily, it made the spray dry quickly to avoid any blotchy or runny areas. I would highly recommend VersaSpa spray tan booths to friends!

Chelsea, before and after…


IMG_8065 copyAB

Growing up, I could not go to Disneyland without people thinking I was Lindsay Lohan (the Parent Trap LiLo people, not the LiLo circa 2014), so when Lindsay started spray tanning, I figured, “okay, this does not work for her, so it will not work for me.” I continued to think this until VersaSpa reached out to us. It’s funny, because VersaSpa found us after posting these photos. Anyways, Jess was so excited and I was like, “alright, lets do this!” Arriving at Tan Bella, I immediately felt comfortable. The staff was professional and indulged my nerves. We were given great instructions and off Jess and I went into our respective booths. I chose to get a level 1 tan, and Jess chose a level 2. While standing in the booth, right before the spray tan started, I began to wonder, “oh geez, how cold is this solution going to be?” and before I could finish the thought the spray started and to my pleasure it was a comfortable temperature!

Nothing made me happier than going to work the next day and having two coworkers say, “Chelsea, you look SO tan!” I am a spray tan convert and cannot wait to go for my second spray tan! Thank you VersaSpa!



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  1. I love your spray tans!!! I sincerely mean it. I have thought about trying a spray tan but just have never done it. I have had melanoma twice so I should never be out in the sun without loads of protection but I do fall short some. But I love to have some color, it doesn’t have to be dark dark, just a little color. Maybe I will win this and go do it finally.
    I am following on bloglovin and will continue too. Thanks so much for this opportunity. My email and bloglovin username is

    • Thank you! Both of us being super fair, prefer spray tans to real tanning, so this was a wonderful experience!

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